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Successfully setting your HR processes on a global footing

Before rolling out a global HR solution, it is not only technical issues that need to be clarified. The existing governance structures must also be analyzed and often readjusted in order to achieve harmonized data and global reporting. We help you design global HR processes that fit your target picture.
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Zukunftsfähige HR gestalten
Create sustainable HR solution
Set up global HR processes
Use efficient processes
Daten in der Cloud zentralisieren
Centralize isolated data
Messbare Erfolge erzielen
Establish global reporting

Many pitfalls lurk in the design of global processes

Ten national companies, seven different HR systems, nine for payroll - a nightmare that many HR managers would like to wake up from. There are probably plenty of plans for this, but not all of them work out in the end. This is because there are many pitfalls lurking in the design and redesign of global processes that can only be avoided if central questions are clarified. For example: to what degree of freedom do the individual national companies need to map their cultural and regulatory requirements? Where do governance and processes need to be adapted for global reporting and system-wide transparency? What should the job architecture look like? Does a cloud solution fit? Or does it make more sense to harmonize different systems and their data via interfaces and tools?


Design global processes - align with your overall HR strategy

We help you find the right answers to these questions. With our experience from numerous international implementation projects and proven models, we design global processes which are aligned with your overall HR strategy and take regional and local requirements into account. We advise you on the solution that supports your goals the best and helps you make any necessary adjustments to your HR governance. In addition, we accompany you from the redesign of your processes to competence building and implementation so that you derive sustainable benefits from your global HR solution.

Your benefits:

  • You create a future-proof solution that fits your HR governance.
  • You benefit from efficient processes at every HR level.
  • You centralize previously isolated data.
  • You establish a global reporting system and obtain a 360-degree view of all HR activities.
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