Learning Strategy & Design: Startschuss für moderne Personalentwicklung im digitalen Wandel

Learning Strategy & Design

The Learning Strategy & Design workshop is designed to help you when embarking on a strategic realignment, or when planning, formulating and developing effective learning settings in the age of the digital revolution.
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What is the Learning Strategy & Design workshop all about?

Der digitale Wandel bietet die Chance Personalentwicklung strategisch neu auszurichten
Organizing personnel development on a strategic level
Flexible, wirksame Blended-Learning-Lernsettings, die individuell anpassbar sind
Blended learning settings that can be customized
Lernerzentriert - Design individueller, auf die Lernenden abgestimmte Lernkonzepte
Learning concepts that are tailored to learners
IT-Investitionen absichern
More effective personnel development measures
Learning Strategy & Design: Startschuss für moderne Personalentwicklung im digitalen Wandel

The starting shot for state-of-the-art personnel development in the age of the digital revolution

Workshop participants take a customer- and learner-focused approach as they bring the strategic and operational alignment of employee development into line with the objectives and needs of all stakeholders. After that, they derive blended learning settings that can be put into practice. Various agile methods are utilized during the workshop. Besides helping you map out the added value of personnel development in your organization, the results also lead to highly practical and verifiable learning concepts.

Learning Strategy & Design Workshop: Konzeption und Entwicklung mit Lego Serious Play

Concept formulation and development

When it comes to planning, formulating and developing strategically realigned blended learning settings, we employ familiar design thinking methods in both phases of the workshop, such as LEGO Serious Play and various Business Model Canvas templates.

Learning Strategy & Design Workshop: Analyse und Planung der Personalentwicklung

Analysis and planning

The first part focuses on analyzing and planning personnel development as well as on the needs of the target group, positioning within the organization, measurement parameters, costs and resources. This culminates in a strategic realignment of your organization’s training.

Learning Strategy & Design Workshop: Der Lernende im Fokus

Putting the learner center stage

The second part, which focuses on design, looks specifically at the individual learners in the target group – their basic needs, how they learn, their day-to-day work and, most importantly, the things that motivate and frustrate them. This helps to deliver effective, flexible and customized learning concepts.

tts learning architects - Background Testimonial
The Learning Strategy & Design workshop was worth its weight in gold for us, because it provided a new, outside viewpoint that gave us ideas and options for our ongoing strategic development. We particularly liked the agile approach and the fact we worked together as equal partners.
Suat Korkut
Head of Digital Learning, Mercedes Benz Consulting

An overview of the aims

  • The starting shot for strategic realignment
  • Establishing the needs of the customer and learners (using personas, Equalizer, etc.)
  • Coordinating organizational goals, customer requirements, learners’ needs
  • Mapping how the customer’s requirements can be met with personnel development work
  • Developing a shared understanding/vision of personnel development
  • Defining a concrete learning setting that can be put into practice or formulating a broad-based concept for one
  • Trying out and applying various agile methods
  • Supporting the practical use of digital learning formats and methods
  • Acceptance and effectiveness are enhanced by a focus on the customer/learner and adopting a step-by-step approach (testing in early stages)
  • Lowering costs by enhancing the effectiveness of personnel development measures
Learning Strategy & Design and your organization

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