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Keeping tabs on the data of all employees worldwide

It took tts less than a month to roll out SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central at Sensirion. The module adds drive to HR management – a perfect match for the unique and highly agile corporate culture at this specialist sensor company.

Wanted – an HR management system that matches the corporate culture

Sensirion, a leading manufacturer of flow and environmental sensors, attaches the utmost importance to agility and dynamism. This attitude makes it one of Switzerland’s most popular employers. To ensure this continues to be the case, the company was on the lookout for an HR management system that would be quick to implement, easy to operate and reliable.

Number of employees
in 7 countries
250 million Swiss francs

QuickStart – designed for agility and dynamism

Sensirion has scored a real hit with the QuickStart implementation of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. The roll-out of the new system, which took place quickly and quietly, satisfied all customer requirements. The result is an HR management system that is both dynamic and reliable.

Strengthening the agile corporate culture

Dynamic, secure HR management

All employee data recorded in a single system

Full compliance with data protection legislation and labor law worldwide

Reduced workload for HR managers

In the beginning was the sensor

There can be no digitalization without sensors, so market developments are dynamic as a result. Sensirion, one of the pioneers in sensor technology, has very much embodied this spirit of dynamism and has expanded continuously since it was founded more than 20 years ago. The company produces sensors for almost all sectors – especially the automotive industry, medical and environmental technology and the consumer goods industry – all round the globe. This sensor specialist, based in Stäfa near Zurich, therefore now has branches worldwide, including in the USA, China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. The company’s global presence requires an easy-to-operate, reliable master data management system that takes account of the data protection legislation and labor law provisions in each individual country.

A service provider that can keep pace

Since agility and dynamism are very much in Sensirion’s DNA, it was important that both the service provider and the HR management system to be rolled out also embodied these values. In other words, speed and flexibility were key requirements for the implementation – qualities that the tts team has in spades. The Sensirion managers were therefore not only amenable to the tts offer to implement SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central in just four weeks – they actively welcomed it. It is the tts QuickStart solution that makes this rapid implementation possible. Sensirion was able to use the preconfigured standard processes to test the system at a fixed price. Furthermore, thanks to the comprehensive admin training provided, the company was itself able to adapt individual processes in line with its needs.

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tts and its QuickStart solution suited us perfectly – both in terms of the implementation and the solution itself. It’s exactly how we envisage agility and dynamism in practice.
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Marco Höhener
Digitial Ambassador at Sensirion

A perfect flow of HR data

The Sensirion HR team can use the Employee Central module to keep tabs on the data of all employees worldwide. Soon after the module had been supplied, there was already a new and palpable sense of dynamism, since many processes run more quickly and easily. The system now performs routine tasks that were previously very time-consuming. This time saving is not the only benefit, however – the solution also scores in terms of security and compliance. After all, Sensirion needs to pay attention to and comply with the applicable labor law regulations, tax laws, working time directives and data protection requirements in each of the countries in which it operates. The new system creates transparency that enables each country to manage its data in compliance with the local legislation and regulations.

Helping Sensirion maintain its position as a top employer

Now that stable master data management and global compliance are firmly in place, Sensirion has the basis it wants to continue building. Two items on the list are onboarding and talent management, with the aim of bringing the necessary drive to the recruitment process – this is important to Sensirion. After all, Sensirion was crowned best employer in Switzerland in the “Large companies with more than 250 employees” category of the awards organized by the “Great Place to Work” international research and consultancy institute in 2021. The company has certainly not lost any of its appeal since then – and tts would like to play its part in keeping things that way in the future, too.

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