Bitburger Braugruppe: Implementierung einer modernen Mitarbeiter-Schulungs-Plattform
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Installing and establishing a state-of-the-art staff training platform

In less than three months, tts enabled a powerful learning platform with which the Bitburger Brewery Group can bundle and centrally manage all training and training programs.
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Bundle and centrally manage training and training programmes

As one of the three strongest-selling breweries in Germany, a uniform qualification and training programme is particularly important for the Bitburger Brewery in order to be able to continue the processes at a high level and improve them in a targeted manner. For this reason, the various existing training materials should also be collected and clearly managed - in order to ensure a uniformly high quality standard and to be able to further develop employee training in a targeted manner in the future.

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Better staff training through modern learning management system

After an initial consultation, tts set up the powerful SAP SuccessFactors solution package at the Bitburger Brewery Group on the basis of QuickStart in order to implement a custom-fit learning management system.

The excellent cooperation between the project team of tts and the customer contributed significantly to the fact that the system was successfully established in the company after only ten weeks and two training sessions.

Efficient knowledge transfer through digital, high-performance environment

Ease of use for noticeable relief in the daily work routine

Powerful software makes expansion of training programmes possible

Rapid implementation thanks to QuickStart

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The collaboration with tts went extremely smoothly. The highly competent and committed team set up and explained our new software system for us in no time at all. We’re highly satisfied with the result and are looking forward to the new possibilities.
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Bitburger Brewing Group

Operating at five sites and with some 1,700 employees, Bitburger Brewery Group produces a total of nine brands that are manufactured and sold by various brand subsidiaries. Being one of Germany’s top three breweries in terms of sales makes it particularly important to have a standardized qualification and training program that keeps processes at a high level and paves the way for specific improvements. This also created the need for transparent management of the various training materials in one place so as to ensure a uniformly high quality standard and enable targeted further development of staff training in the future.

Using a high-performance learning management system to combine all existing training programs

Bitburger Brewery Group turned to the experts at tts to provide a centralized, user-friendly cloud-based portal for training at all levels. One particular challenge was the short timeframe – the project needed to be brought to a successful conclusion in less than three months, after which the customer wanted to have an integrated learning center that was ready to use and easy to manage.


Following an initial consulting phase, tts installed the highly efficient SAP SuccessFactors software to operate a learning management system that was perfectly tailored to the customer’s requirements. SAP SuccessFactors Learning is the market-leading learning and talent management solution. It can also be subsequently enhanced and further modules can be added. Thanks to the focus on the key factors required and excellent collaboration between the project team and customer, the system was up and running at the company after just ten weeks and two training sessions.

Managing knowledge transfer more efficiently and ensuring high quality throughout Germany

The new learning management system now means Bitburger Brewery Group can manage all its training programs and data along with each and every learner and trainer in a single system. This provides transparency and makes it possible to undertake targeted further development of the training programs.

The brewery was particularly keen for the solution to be easy to operate so that it could make processes both efficient and effective. With this in mind, the capabilities of the LMS were geared to the customer’s needs and processes, which now makes ensuring the uniform quality of training in all areas a straightforward and efficient process for the management team.

Taking training to the next level

The new transparency and control also make it easier to prepare reviews and quickly obtain an accurate overview of the current situation. This speeds up the process of initiating specific steps to further develop the brewery group’s staff training and adapt it to new requirements. It’s also one of the reasons why the cloud environment is set to be expanded and further modules added in the near future. Even while the project was underway, a clear picture developed of how the new possibilities would lead to additional improvements resulting from further development of the LMS. Following its positive experience of the ability tts demonstrated to implement even challenging projects both quickly and successfully, Bitburger Brewery Group is more than happy to continue this winning partnership.

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