So stimmen Sie HR-Governance und IT perfekt aufeinander ab

Balancing HR and IT

If HR wants to make a value-adding contribution to the transformation process, it cannot leave the design of digital workplaces to IT alone. Rather, a joint strategy with clearly distributed tasks is required. We support you with the coordination.
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Governance, HR-Prozesse und IT aufeinander abstimmen
Align HR processes and IT
Digitale Transformation beschleunigen
Increase transformation speed
Sie verbinden strategiekonformes mit erfahrungsbasiertem Lernen
Establish cooperation with IT
Contribute to value added
Strategische Aufgaben erfüllen
Fulfill strategic tasks

HR and IT pull together

Digital transformation does not only result in technological changes, but also has a significant impact on the entire organization. For HR, this offers a unique opportunity to shape modern working environments in line with its own governance and strategy. In practice, this works particularly efficiently when HR and IT pull together. However, the collaboration often fails because goals or KPIs are too far apart. This makes it even more important to develop a common understanding of the success factors of digitization projects. In addition, it is essential to structure the distribution of roles in a way that HR marks out the strategic guidelines while IT points out the technical possibilities and limits.

Develop a common strategy and a cooperation model

With our unique mix of HR and IT expertise, we support you in developing a holistic perspective. In close cooperation with the central players, we develop a joint strategy and a cooperation model with clearly defined responsibilities and action-guiding procedures. We ensure that HR governance, processes, resources and IT are perfectly aligned. This way, we create the conditions for fast results so that you can achieve your strategic goals without detours.

Your benefits:

  • You establish a close, goal-oriented cooperation with IT.
  • You ensure that digitization projects are implemented in line with HR governance and strategy.
  • You ensure fast results and increase the pace of transformation.
  • You position HR as a value-adding function in the digitalization process.
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