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Pragmatic decisions thanks to best practice

Imagine successfully rolling out a high-performance master data management system – and all in the space of just a few weeks. That is precisely what tts achieved at Zehnder Group AG with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. With this foundation laid, the indoor climate control specialist is now rolling out more SuccessFactors modules.
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One system that brings together all the data

The Zehnder Group has undergone rapid growth in recent decades, and this leaves a trace, for example in the form of a complex system architecture that makes it extremely difficult to handle master data. HR managers therefore set out to find a solution that would make master data management and the implementation of more modules easier.

Building services technology
Unterstützung durch rollenbasierte Inhaltsfilter
approx. 3.500
HR als Vorreiter positionieren
Gränichen, Switzerland
Digitalisierungsprojekte ans Ziel bringen
18 plants, Sales offices in 70+ countries
Datenqualität erhöhen
approx. 700 million euros

Quickstart – easy and established

HR wanted a solution that would be ready to go quickly – and Quickstart fitted the bill perfectly. Thanks to the preconfigured processes and targeted approach, Zehnder was able to roll out the Employee Central module just a few weeks after the start of the project. This has laid a key foundation for further expansion.

Rapid roll out of a best-practice solution at a set price

Solid foundation for implementing more modules

Functional HR management at an international level

Complete data transparency

The indoor climate enhancer

Radiators, cooling systems and ventilations systems from the Zehnder Group ensure a comfortable indoor climate in buildings around the world – in residential buildings, offices, and schools alike. Its 125-year history is shaped by pioneering spirit, innovation and adaptability. Again and again, the senior management has brought pioneering technology into the firm – particularly by acquiring smaller, innovative organizations.

The only catch is, the faster the Group grew, the less uniform the system landscape became, and the more difficult it became to manage master data securely, reliably and efficiently. Calls grew loud for a solution that would provide data transparency and efficient data management, and also enable seamless reporting. There was also a need for an experienced partner with pragmatic approaches.

On the same wavelength

The initial contact during the pitch set the stage for the partnership with tts. The experience tts has with (production) organizations that operate internationally and are of a similar size and complexity to the Zehnder Group proved decisive. Daniel Hug and his team were in no doubt that the tts specialists had the right feel for what Zehnder needed – a solution that would be quickly established, that works, and that could form the basis for further expansion. In addition, they were confident that they had found a partner who was on the same wavelength – the human factor played a role in the decision, as well as the experience tts has built up.

Profilbild Daniel Hug
We think and act pragmatically. Just like the tts team. They quickly impressed us with their experience and showed us what is possible. This best-practice approach, combined with the QuickStart rollout, was perfect for us. We now have a base on which to build further rollouts, whether we are integrating a production facility, a sales office or a service department.
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Daniel Hug
Head of Human Resources + Services Switzerland at Zehnder Group International AG

Showing what can be done

It was a trusting collaboration that quickly led to invigorating working atmosphere. The Zehnder team really appreciated the clear project sequence and the excellent, regular dialog between the teams. The best-practice approaches employed by tts were particularly valuable for Zehnder. This meant the team found out what was possible and could always make the decision that was best for the organization.

tts, for its part, appreciated the direct decision-making processes at Zehnder and the openness with which their counterparts embraced new recommendations. This attitude sparked synergies and was the key to enabling rapid implementation.

Getting things rolling

Everything fell into place quickly after that – once it had been set up properly, the Employee Central (EC) module was ready for launch. The Performance & Goals module was ready for rollout in Germany and Switzerland just a few months later. Both modules are currently being rolled out in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The next step will be implementing further modules – the roadmap includes the Compensation, Learning, and Succession & Development modules – for which Zehnder will continue to rely on the expertise of tts.


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