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Digital HR system for the “World’s best postal service”

Talent management processes at Swiss Post are now fit for the cloud. The intuitive, digital HR management system developed by tts has freed up a lot of time for Swiss Post employees.
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Digital HR for more than 55,000 employees

Swiss Post is digitalizing its HR processes. When it comes to planning training, staff appraisals and succession, it’s important that the relevant processes are as intuitive and straightforward as possible. The technology needs to incorporate the complex requirements of three different corporate areas.

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Cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors for HR processes

Using cloud-based HR management system SAP SuccessFactors, tts has digitalized Swiss Post’s HR processes for all aspects of recruiting, learning, performance and succession, and created the appropriate infrastructure in the cloud.

Cutting-edge, intuitive user interface

Secure system

Powerful, robust processes

Cost-effective, simple maintenance

Also works on mobile devices via the app

Suitable processes for the “World’s best postal service”

For the fifth time in a row, Swiss Post has been awarded the “World’s best postal service” title by the Universal Postal Union. The 55,000 employees in the fields of transportation, logistics, finance and informatics are a key factor behind this award. The executive management is very aware of this and is looking for solutions to further simplify the internal processes for its teams.

Successful cloud-based HR management with SAP SuccessFactors

Swiss Post had already made great strides as regards digitalization. HR was now also on the brink of a new era with its move into the cloud. The new system requirements for eRecruiting, internal training, staff appraisals and succession planning were crystal clear, but also very challenging – the system needed to be powerful and secure with a cutting-edge, intuitive user interface. It was essential that new functions could be implemented quickly. Equally, it was important that maintenance costs and workload remained manageable. What’s more, everything also had to work on mobile devices via the app.

tts was able to offer the perfect solution – the cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors HR management system. By drawing on its extensive experience and deep understanding of complex business processes, the consulting organization has modernized and digitalized the processes for all aspects of recruiting, learning, performance and succession.

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Working together, Swiss Post and tts have set up a cutting-edge HR system with SAP SuccessFactors that meets every one of our requirements. The digitalized processes have taken a huge burden off our teams. Work is much more efficient and valuable time that was previously spent on routine tasks has now been freed up for strategic matters.
Matthieu Pulver
Head HR-IT at Swiss Post

Not just IT – but digital processes for people

Implementation involves a lot more than simply setting up the cloud infrastructure and overcoming the technical challenges. It’s important to create processes that people can work with effectively and securely – especially when it comes to HR. People need processes with which they feel comfortable.

tts introduced the HR teams to the new system step by step. At a joint orientation session, they got to know the system, tried it out and contributed requirements from their own everyday working lives. At the process workshop, the objectives of the three different corporate areas were defined in concrete terms and the new system structure was planned.

The HR teams at Swiss Post are delighted with the cutting-edge, digital HR system – work is now faster, procedures are more transparent thanks to useful statistics, there’s a greater level of trust among employees, and costs are lower. All in all, an excellent move into the cloud for an excellent organization.


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