Ensuring sustainable & digital HR processes

In order to be an enabler and driver of the digital transformation HR must also comprehensively digitalize its processes. However, the associated potential can only be realized if technology and HR strategy are an optimal match. In cooperation with you we will find the perfect mix.
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Business-orientierte HR etablieren
Establish business-oriented HR
Performance verbessern
Improve performance and transparency
Prozessunterstützung und Entscheidungshilfe
Use compliance and governance-compliant processes
Strategische Aufgaben erfüllen
Fulfill strategic tasks
Administrative Aufgaben minimieren
Reduce administrative expenses
Digitale HR-Prozesse aufsetzen
Design customised digital HR processes

Gain time for strategic topics and people in your company

Remote work, home office, finding new talents and individually promoting the ones already there: the demands and expectations on HR departments have never been as high as they are today - also because they are increasingly in demand as pacesetters and as such of the digital transformation. As a HR professional you know that your HR department can only take on this role with digitized and automated processes. This frees up valuable time for dealing with strategic issues and the people in your company - but only if the technological basis and the chosen process design fit the "big picture" of your future HR strategy.

Fully exploit the potential of your HR tools

As a partner with excellent process expertise, we support you in the digitization of your HR strategy and the associated repositioning. Together, we develop a target picture and a clear implementation perspective that is oriented towards your organization, the professional needs and the respective roles of your employees. In addition, we help you develop digital processes that enable you to fully exploit the potential of your HR tools. We are also happy to assist you with the composition of a competent project team and the qualification of your employees.

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In order to prepare employees for their jobs in the best possible way, we need a top learning management system. With tts we found a competent service provider who got the solution up and running for us in a short time thanks to the excellent cooperation.
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Your benefits:

  • You set the foundation for a business-oriented HR.
  • You reduce administrative efforts and create transparency.
  • You use compliance- and governance-compliant processes which allow you to fully exploit the potential of your Digital HR.
  • Automated processes and self services allow you to be more strategic in your role.
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