Lean HR – wie Sie Ihren administrativen Aufwand minimieren

Cutting down your team’s administrative outlay

Manual HR processes are error-prone, consume countless working hours and reliably ensure that success-critical activities are neglected. We help you to gain more time for the really important topics.
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Administrative Aufgaben minimieren
Reduce administrative expenses
Performance verbessern
Improve performance and transparency
Messbare Erfolge erzielen
Achieve measurable successes

More time for strategic tasks

HR professionals usually know exactly what needs to be done to move your business forward. They just do not know where to find the time. According to recent studies many HR managers are slowed down because they spend almost half of their working time on administrative tasks. This means that valuable potential is literally being wasted, because most typical HR processes can be fully automated with an efficient digitalization strategy. Digitalization is therefore the decisive lever when it comes to gaining more time for creative and strategic topics - for employer branding, active sourcing and recruiting, for example, or for talent management, personnel development and employee retention. The only question is: which implementation strategy will actually lead to the desired success?

Reduce administrative effort to a minimum

We help you to reduce the administrative effort of your HR to a minimum. Through precise scoping we align your expectations and the available options in a targeted manner. In doing so we show you which process adjustments will help you to achieve your goals. Subsequently, we set the course for your future HR system landscape with a thorough process and system design. In addition, we take care of implementation, testing, introduction and ongoing operation while keeping an eye on the continuous further development of your HR system.

digital HR experts: Testimonial
With QuickStart, tts helped us mega-fast by showing us a clearly structured way to implement the LMS; the tts solution is unique on the market in this form.
Selina Dreher, Personalentwicklung bei Groz-Beckert
Selina Dreher
HR Development at Groz-Beckert

Your benefits:

  • You minimize your administration effort.
  • You create transparency and efficient processes.
  • You gain significantly more time for creative and strategic topics.
  • You will achieve measurable success even with a low input of resources.
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