How to successfully implement the e-file

The digitalization of administration is not only a technical challenge for the federal, state and local governments. We also help you to prepare the people in your authority for the changes so that they are qualified to use the new, digital ways of working.
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Akzeptanz für Digitalisierung erhöhen
Increased acceptance for digitalisation
Qualifizierungsprojekte meistern
Neue Prozesse meistern
Encourage a self-organised learning culture
Digitale Transformation beschleunigen
Accelerate digital transformation

The core of the required digitalisation is the introduction of the e-file

According to the Online Access Act (OZG), all public administrations should also offer their services digitally by the end of 2022. The core of the required digitalisation is the introduction of the e-file, which enables further services from e-billing to automated register reconciliation. From a technical point of view, the course for the leap into the digital age has already been set. But more is needed for a successful introduction of the e-file, above all a learning strategy that reduces reservations and shows your employees the benefits they will gain from the new possibilities.

Quick learning successes, reducing reservations and motivating teams for digitalisation

We accompany you in this complex task within the framework of a defined project with our didactic know-how, our comprehensive transformation experience and high affinity for technology. Based on your strategic and operational goals, we take care of the conception of needs-based training measures and the creation of learning content. In tailor-made training sessions, we teach you how to handle the e-file with confidence. In addition, our floorwalkers support your employees with acute questions directly at the workplace, while we qualify "change agents" for their role as internal contact persons. In this way, you achieve quick learning successes, reduce reservations and motivate your teams to successfully use the opportunities of digitalization.

Your benefits

  • You increase the acceptance of your digitization projects.
  • You provide your teams with exactly the learning opportunities they need.
  • You enable your employees to handle the e-file safely.
  • They ensure continuous improvement of your digital and change fitness.
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