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One for all: Talent Management at Migros

Migros is in the process of digitizing all HR processes across the whole group. At their side: tts. Together, they want to enable a company-wide Talent Management.
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Digitizing HR across the board

By 2025, Migros wants to achieve process and data integrity for all companies, i.e., create a common database and uniform HR processes. At that point, more than 80,000 employees will be working with SAP SuccessFactors as the main cloud solution. For this ambitious project, Migros was looking for a suitable partner.

approx. 100.000
HR als Vorreiter positionieren
Zurich, Switzerland
Datenqualität erhöhen
CHF 28.8 billion (2021)

Three solutions to cover all needs

In tts, Migros has found a partner that brings with him the necessary experience at eye level. Three different technical solutions within SAP SuccessFactors for the goals and performance appraisals are the result of this intensive collaboration – meeting the needs of the different company’s employee groups. The first milestone has already been reached: through an intuitive Talent Management, Migros is able to train and develop employees as well as identify High Potentials across the company as a whole.

Employee development

Reliable succession planning

User-friendly HR application

Transparent through standardized and automated processes

Efficient HR administration creates freedom of action

Rapid integration of new companies

Partner at eye level

“HR25” gets off the ground

In 2020, “HR25” was launched. With the program, Migros wants to provide standardized and cloud-based HR solutions across the whole group. The goal: to enable accessible, digital collaboration at group level. Simple in theory, difficult in practice. Reconciling requirements of different companies had to be considered an almost Herculean task. The demands on the partner were correspondingly high.

Success factor experience

tts meets the requirements in full. There is, on the one side, the necessary know-how in configuring and implementing SAP SuccessFactors. As a partner with broad international experience, on the other side, tts was able to quickly empathize with Migros’ own corporate culture. A key competence in the light of the difficult task ahead: reconciling a multitude of corporate requirements. Presenting the advantages of the jointly developed solution, tts managed to convince any and all companies of Migros.

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Right from the start we had the feeling: tts understands our needs. We were looking for a partner who could communicate at eye level and challenge us. This requires experience and an according mindset. tts brings both to the table.
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Kay-Christian Schersich
Head of HR Business Technology at Migros

Three solutions form the basis

Due to the variety of specifications, a “one size fits all” solution was ruled out from the start. Instead, tts proposed that the standards of the solution be largely retained – minimizing cost and effort. In close exchange with all stakeholders, three complementary technical variants emerged. Ideal for enabling accessible digital collaboration at group level without individual companies having to heavily adapt.

Benefits from the get-go

The different user groups praised the solution right from the start. It was easy to learn and use. By now, Migros uses the interview process for Talent Management of up to 25,000 employees.

As a result, employee performance appraisals are much more transparent with a huge gain in time during the whole preparation process. While it often took weeks in the past, data is now centrally available – at the push of a button.

With the inclusion of critical feedback from Managers and Business Partners, continuous improvements and simplifications of the process are the norm. After all, these measures should come down to putting the needs of the employees and management at the heart of our efforts.

Ready for the next step

The successful implementation of the HR SuccessFactors cloud solution for Talent Management marks the first milestone on the way to “HR25”. Together with tts as a sparring partner and implementer, the responsible stakeholders within Migros want to push ahead with the project. The introduction of further modules for SAP SuccessFactors is already in the making.

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