Digitale Lerninhalte effizient erstellen, Wissen zentral bereitstellen und Informationen zielgerichtet abrufen – Corporate Learning mit der tts performance suite

Corporate Learning

Create digital learning content efficiently, make knowledge available in the flow of work and retrieve information in a targeted way - with the tts performance suite, employees build up their skills precisely. And you ensure that your organization effortlessly keeps pace with all changes.
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tts performance suite: Neue Kompetenzen effizient aufbauen

Centralized access to knowledge

With tts performance suite, you offer a single point of contact for all learning needs - unique for a DAP. This ensures efficient knowledge transfer and keeps employees on track.

Reduce training costs significantly

With the Digital Adoption Platform from tts, employees create training materials rapidly and efficiently. You also enable digital learning - independent of time, place and other learners. This allows you to design your training in a cost-effective way.

Develop employees effectively

With the DAP from tts, you provide employees with structured and role-specific learning content. This allows you to improve employees' knowledge and increase the productivity of the entire organization.

Corporate Learning mit der tts performance suite

Corporate learning with tts performance suite

With tts performance suite, you can create high-quality learning content and provide centralized access to all knowledge sources in the company. Whether company-specific or job-specific knowledge - employees can access all learning content with just one click.

1. Tailored and relevant

Whether it's process knowledge, training courses or FAQs, tts performance suite offers knowledge that matches the work context and the individual role of the employee. This means that users only receive information that is relevant to them.

2. Simple and at any time

tts performance suite supports employees whenever they are learning something new. Whether it is initial knowledge building or targeted knowledge expansion, the DAP provides immediate answers to all questions that arise in the workflow.  

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The DAP is the answer: Anchoring Corporate Learning

With the following six components of tts performance suite, you establish corporate learning throughout the entire organization - supported by AI if desired.

  • Producer for professional content creation
  • Creator for rapid and easy content creation 
  • Curator for Content Management 
  • QuickAccess for context-sensitive knowledge access
  • WebAccess for structured knowledge access
  • Analytics Dashboard for evaluations
The Digital Adoption Platform is the answer: Anchoring Corporate Learning


Authors and subject matter experts use Creator and Producer to create high-quality learning content. This includes IT documentation, e-learning and training materials, as well as step-by-step instructions, process and decision-making aids. Employees can easily create content with the help of AI. This also includes the translation of content into more than 40 languages.


With WebAccess and QuickAccess, employees have centralized access to all organizational knowledge. With WebAccess, employees access content structured by process, topic, and course. In contrast, QuickAccess provides them with context-sensitive information. The special feature:  The difference: Users see only the content that is relevant to their tasks and role.


With Curator, users manage all content in one place. Variant management, versioning and administrative functions help them keep content organized and up to date. The highlight: with the LMS Connector, courses stored in the tts performance suite can be accessed and tracked directly via an LMS. There is no need for error-prone data export and import.


The analytics dashboard provides administrators with a snapshot of employee usage and knowledge needs. They can see how often content is used and which content is most in demand. They can also identify where knowledge gaps exist and take the appropriate steps to close them. 

What makes tts performance suite unique? 

  • Fast and efficient creation of high-quality learning content
  • Smooth workflows thanks to a mix of learning and guidance
  • Precise knowledge transfer for every business application and every process 
  • Unrestricted integration into the existing IT architecture 
  • Best price-performance ratio of all Digital Adoption Platforms in multi-application operation
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