tts performance suite: Booster für die digitale Wissensvermittlung
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Boosting digital knowledge transfer

Luzerner Kantonalbank AG (LUKB) uses the tts performance suite to make life easier for its employees, directly in the digital workplace, and encourage a positive attitude toward changes.
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Filling knowledge gaps

The world of banking is in a state of flux. Besides being kept extremely busy by digitalization and a flood of regulations, banks are also facing pressure from the competition, including from other sectors. A willingness to change is now called for. LUKB has embraced this challenge by prioritizing broad-based knowledge management and a strong learning culture – with the help of partners such as tts.

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Digitale Unternehmenskultur gestalten
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Information comes to users

The strategy that started in 2011 with the roll-out of the tts performance suite – still called tt knowledge force at the time – has been systematically pursued over the years by adding new components. The solution enables employees to access learning content in any situation in their everyday working lives, precisely in their moment of need. That makes their work easier and speeds up the digital transformation process throughout the company.

Improving efficiency by providing knowledge in the work context

Boosting productivity thanks to shorter search times

Reducing the support team’s workload

Encouraging a digital mindset

tts performance suite bei der Luzerner Kantonalbank
Even employees who are anxious about or have little experience of new learning media and always used to prefer in-person training sessions are now happy to use digital offerings via QuickAccess.
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Alex Hess
Head of Training at Luzerner Kantonalbank

Driving the knowledge flow

When it comes to state-of-the-art knowledge transfer, LUKB has always made the most of all available options. The tts performance suite has proved a real game changer. This solution has helped users get the hang of applications such as Microsoft Office programs much faster. What’s more, general work instructions for processes and procedures are now made available in the tts performance suite, and QuickAccess supports virtually all 50 core applications. If users get stuck at a particular point in the work process, they can simply click on the orange to access, for example, a step-by-step guide. That saves them an annoying search for documents and avoids any interruption to their workflow. Staff using this solution are therefore highly productive and motivated.

Encouraging a digital mindset

These rapid successes have noticeably spurred on users to try new things, a fact that is also impressively reflected in the figures available via the dashboard that was introduced midway through 2022. Over the past twelve months, for instance, users have accessed the help on offer via the tts performance suite on 23,000 separate occasions. The document on initial installation alone, which describes how to implement the digital workplace application in the Citrix environment, has already been accessed 960 times since it was published. Considering the total number of LUKB employees, it is therefore hugely popular.

Self-help to ease the strain on the support team

The access figures are only part of the picture, though. The crucial factor is whether the content actually helps users, but the LUKB support team is convinced it does. As authors themselves, the members of this team are actively involved in creating new documents to make their colleagues’ work easier. Across the various LUKB departments, there are currently around 50 staff working as authors and, together, they have already written more than 1,500 documents. The LUKB motto “Content is King” encourages authors in the individual departments to create content, because the more staff become actively involved, the faster the database containing the accumulated corporate knowledge grows.

Removing the need for paper

One positive side effect of the tts performance suite is that it promotes sustainability and saves resources, because – apart from a training guide when new staff start at the bank – no further printed documents whatsoever are required. tts has also made the onboarding process far more efficient. All documents for the relevant two-day course are created with the help of Producer.

Blended learning is key

Although digital offerings now account for the lion’s share of the learning content, in-person training still has its place. Learning the basics of the core application Avaloq is one example. According to LUKB, all formats and solutions need to work together in perfect harmony for knowledge to be transferred to staff efficiently and without any gaps. The tts performance suite plays a key role in this process.

tts performance suite: Booster für die digitale Wissensvermittlung

What Luzerner Kantonalbank has achieved with the tts performance suite

  • Access figures demonstrate a high level of acceptance
  • Printed documentation is unnecessary
  • The onboarding procedure becomes more efficient
  • The knowledge archive grows quickly
  • The support team receives fewer requests for help

About Luzerner Kantonalbank AG

Established in 1850, Luzerner Kantonalbank AG (LUKB) has around 1,250 employees and is the leading bank in the Canton of Lucerne. Operating a total of 23 branch offices, it is one of Switzerland’s largest cantonal banks, with core areas of activity ranging from business and real estate financing to private banking. Customer proximity and a high level of performance are the standout features of LUKB, making it the bank of choice for customers, employees, shareholders and the region.

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tts performance suite

Digitalization made easy

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