tt performance suite: the all-important boost for your SAP project

The successful operation of any ERP system not only brings considerable benefits in warehousing, but also in all relevant business processes, such as accounting, order management and invoicing processes.

To achieve these business goals with ERP a high level of user adoption and confidence is required. So lay the groundwork right from the start with tt performance suite. The performance support tool offers users help with navigating your SAP system precisely when they need it, directly within the application itself and as appropriate in the given context. The end results are high user adoption, low time-to-productivity and sustainable project success.

Reduction of Inventory

ERP reduces inventory levels by up to 22 percent

Cost savings

ERP saves operational costs by up to 37 percent

Inventory Accuracy

ERP achieves inventory accuracy by up to 93 percent

User adoption is the key to a successful ERP rollout!

Are you about to rollout, upgrade or change your SAP ERP or is it already well underway? If so, you should pave the way for a high level of user adoption as soon as possible – because a reduction of inventory, big cost savings and high inventory accuracy advantages all depend on how well your staff understand processes and on their skill in using complex systems.

Reduction of inventory levels

Reliable data entry from Procurement, Warehouse or Order Management will ensure process flows and will improve material flow resulting in the reduction of inventory levels. 

Reduction of inventory levels
Cost savings

Cost savings

Saving time, money and resources is highly dependent on ERP users understanding processes and operating this complex IT environment easily. Making sure that data of material stock in the ERP system matches the physical stock will avoid time-consuming corrections of inefficient recalls of goods which again leads to major cost savings. 

Inventory accuracy

Departments such as Material Warehouse or Production are maintaining and accessing a centralized database to avoid siloed data management and inconsistent data and double entry. Complete and valid data enables real-time reporting and improved forecasting, which will again result in reduced stock and fewer outages achieving a high inventory accuracy. User adoption is key for achieving your business goals!

Inventory accuracy

Performance precisely where it’s needed

tt performance suite helps you tell your staff exactly what they need to know about your SAP application – in an efficient, low-cost and context-specific way. That means staff only have to learn what is relevant to their specific needs, as and when they need it. The end result is that you help all users improve their own personal know-how and quickly deliver sustainable success. The combination of formal and application-based learning packages also makes your company training offerings more efficient and flexible.

Greater user acceptance thanks to performance support – find out how
The benefits for you
    • Close support within the SAP application that is tailored specifically to the context of the current transaction or even the field being edited
    • Varying levels of detail, from field tips – for e.g. data capture – to support for process sequences and comprehensive online courses for thorough inductions
    • A simple, intuitive toolkit that the training department, IT support and key users can utilize to create help materials
    • Pre-existing documents can be easily reused
    • Virtually unlimited help options such as videos, step-by-step guides, e-learning sessions, wiki’s, SharePoint and access to support


I am planning an ERP project with SAP software. What will I need to do in terms of staff training?

You need to offer your various target groups – i.e. the project team, key users and end users – training content that is suited to their needs. The standard training packages available from SAP can be used to get your project team prepared for the tasks ahead. When it comes to key users and end users, tts offers an end-to-end service portfolio. This includes developing the underlying training concept, creating digital and conventional training documentation, conducting training sessions, implementing the accompanying change management and providing the multi-award-winning tt performance suite. This performance support tool offers precision support within the system environment and helps you get the most out of your ERP system while achieving a low time-to-productivity.

Does tts create SAP training documentation, too?

Yes, besides offering software for creating, managing and distributing training documentation, tts also provides services such as training, consulting and the development of e-learning courses and sessions.

We’ve already put together some materials, mostly PDFs and videos. How can we deliver our existing documentation to staff?

You can easily archive existing documentation in the content management system of tt performance suite – no matter what the format. You can then deliver the documents via the QuickAccess , our context-specific distribution component or through the portal. You can also incorporate a pre-existing knowledge portal into QuickAccess.

How much time and effort does it take to create and translate specific training documentation?

Creating training materials for an entire ERP system is generally a very time-consuming affair because numerous processes have to be mapped in the system – usually in several languages, too. This outlay can be reduced considerably thanks to the recording function in tt performance suite, integrated translation workflows and an ease of use that means anyone, even temporary staff can be involved in the authoring process.

Can your system replace a training system?

tt performance suite helps you create training documentation and simulations in one and the same process. The materials are ideal for revisiting previously learned content, but are no replacement for a training system. When it comes to business-critical core processes, we therefore always recommend that a training system is provided, so users can play out various scenarios using alternative solutions. No simulation can ever replace the learning effects generated by this approach, even if other providers claim the opposite.

How can the training department prepare staff ahead of the rollout if the new system is not yet running on all the computers?

With the integrated portal you can support a blended learning concept and offer IT simulations in a process or course view to your users. So the end users can review / repeat what they have learnt in trainings and inform themselves about process changes -even before Go-Live.

How can the IT department minimize the additional workload involved in training staff while also preparing the rollout?

The workload is comparatively low and pays off several times over. Thanks to the recording function in tt performance suite, you only need to run through a transaction in its entirety once. It uses this recording to automatically generate up to six different learning formats. That means e-learning sessions created before the rollout can be provided before or after the rollout and be delivered directly to staff at their workstations as step-by-step guides – without requiring any additional work.

Even after SAP has been rolled out and training has been provided, our staff still don’t seem to understand the system. How can you help with day-to-day operations after the rollout?

tt performance suite supports staff at their workstations – providing help when it’s needed and going into various levels of detail classified according to different selectable categories. The key element is that QuickAccess only shows the content that is relevant in the given context. For instance, if an employee is working on transaction VA01, he or she will only be shown the help content that is relevant to that transaction.

How can I avoid data entry errors?

You can use tt performance suite to create field tips, for example, which explain to staff what the fields are and how they need to be completed. You can also effortlessly create step-by-step guides that lead employees through all transactions, showing them which fields must be completed. The instructions are automatically generated during recording and can be augmented with additional information during editing.

Isn’t it better to use the SAP support tool during an SAP rollout?

When it comes to supporting your staff, tts – unlike SAP – takes a holistic approach to business learning. That means you can use a single tool to create all output formats in various levels of detail – and for all applications in your company, whether related to IT or non-IT issues (such as compliance and occupational health and safety). A single point of access – QuickAccess – allows your users to tap into all the formats you have either created in-house or adopted from other sources. What’s more, users can take advantage of pre-existing knowledge portals through QuickAccess, too.

What other applications can you support besides ERP systems?

The performance support solution from tts works across all applications and with all Windows- and web-based software solutions. That applies to standard applications, mainframe green screen applications and in-house developed software.

We already have a knowledge portal that we’re very happy with. If we introduce another access to knowledge, how do I explain to staff which one they should use when?

You can integrate your existing knowledge portal and any other help sources into QuickAccess, Then the problem doesn’t arise because QuickAccess can be used as the single point of access for all knowledge databases.

One solution for all business applications

Have we mentioned that tt performance suite works across all applications? Once you’ve optimized your SAP ERP project, you can do the same with all other web or desktop applications. And that’s by no means everything that tt performance suite can do to help out with business training. Get in touch with us!