IELA bronze award for Microsoft 365 Empowerment

IELA-Bronze-Award für tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment

Heidelberg, July 6, 2023 – Microsoft 365 Empowerment has won tts learning architects bronze at this year’s IELA Awards. This accolade recognizes the ongoing efforts of tts to help organizations implement Microsoft technologies and use them effectively.  

tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment is aimed at all users who work with Microsoft applications and collaboration tools on a day-to-day basis. The eLearning modules and guides answer over 1,500 questions about Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook as well as SharePoint, Teams, OneNote, Planner, OneDrive and Edge for Microsoft Office 2016, 2019, 2021 and 365. 

“Our Microsoft 365 Empowerment solution ensures productivity remains high when switching to Microsoft 365,” says Isabell Sauter (Product Owner for Microsoft 365 upskilling). “The IELA bronze award is a great acknowledgment of our product and highlights just how important the conceptual development of learning content and formats is,” she adds.  

What makes Microsoft 365 Empowerment so special is its strategic interlinking of a variety of elements such as motivation, formal learning options and performance support: 

  • Video trailers prepare staff for the changes associated with Microsoft 365. They highlight the advantages of this new version and offer a first taste of Microsoft 365 Empowerment. 
  • Workplace videos explain how Microsoft 365 will transform the workplace.  
  • Web-based training courses (WBTs) provide learning content about new Microsoft functions. 
  • Workflow WBTs explain processes that extend across multiple Microsoft 365 applications. This optimizes the workflow of recurring tasks and simplifies the interaction between applications. 
  • tts office guides assist users with everyday tasks and answer their questions about functions as they navigate their way click by click through a realistic simulation of the relevant Microsoft application.  

Microsoft 365 Empowerment is currently available in five languages, with up to 35 possible in total. In addition to the functions already outlined, the product also offers support when switching from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 and 11.  

“With our combination of learning content, consulting and software, we help staff expand their knowledge and encourage them to learn independently. In this way, we support organizations with their digital transformation and make a key contribution to their long-term competitiveness,” explains Sauter. 

About IELA and the IELA Awards 

Incorporated in New York, the International E-Learning Association (IELA) is dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of eLearning in schools and universities, and in the workplace. The IELA is an international community of eLearning professionals, researchers and students, with members from the worlds of business, industry, government and academia. The International E-Learning Awards are presented each year in the “Academic” and “Business/Industry” categories, in recognition of the best online learning offerings. All submissions are evaluated by the IELA Awards Committee based on criteria such as educational soundness and effectiveness, user experience and overall significance. 

tts – we empower people 

tts empowers and supports staff and organizations with digital transformation, offering a full service portfolio in three highly specialized, synergistic business areas: 

tts digital adoption solutions, which include the tts performance suite and other software tools, give tts the means to quickly plug any gaps in staff knowledge and skills, and to provide employees with optimum support in any situation. 

tts digital HR experts develop digital HR strategies and solutions that are fit for the future, before implementing them in practical and efficient ways.  

tts learning architects lead organizations through change and transformation processes with innovative corporate learning, applying their experience, passion and outstanding expertise in teaching methodologies. 

tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment

tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment

Support your employees in their work with Microsoft 365 – right from the rollout through to everyday work. tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment gives your employees exactly the help they need for their work.

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