• Der Turbo für ERP-Schulung und -Training: User Adoption und Performance Support mit tt performance suite
    tts performance suite for ERP systems
    A turbo boost for ERP training
Digital adoption and performance support for your ERP system

ERP systems automate and speed up a whole host of business processes. Technological power alone is not enough, however. Ultimately, it always comes down to the person in front of the screen.
Your staff have to be able to operate your ERP system in their sleep. After all, you wouldn’t let a learner driver loose with a sports car on a race track. The key to success here is digital adoption, and this is precisely where
tts performance suite comes in.

When using tts performance suite, every employee can navigate any solution like a pro right from the get-go.

tts performance suite walks users through all functions in real time. Both cloud-based and conventional on-premises solutions are supported. The software’s advantages are plain to see:

Streamline your inventory

An ERP system guarantees seamless processes in purchasing, procurement, order management and many other areas. This enhances the material flow and ensures warehouses are perfectly stocked. However, you should bear in mind that any incorrect input can have far-reaching consequences in integrated systems. Staff must therefore always take great care to enter data accurately. tts performance suite offers assistance with this.

Reduction of inventory levels
Cost savings

Save costs

Does an ERP system really save that much time, money and effort? Yes – if the users embrace the solution, understand it and put it to good use. But given the extremely complex systems on the market, it’s not at all certain that they will. With help from tts performance suite, you can ensure the data recorded by your workforce actually reflects reality. That way, you’ll avoid product recalls and unforeseen costs.

Inventorize with greater precision

Breaking up data silos, ensuring your data is consistent, avoiding duplicate entries and drawing up reports at any time are all straightforward tasks with an ERP system... or so you’d think. In reality, it once again depends on the expertise of your workforce. With a user adoption and performance support solution, you can turn your central database into a genuine ‘single source of truth’.

Je exakter und aktueller dagegen die Daten, desto präziser ist der Forecast und desto erfolgreicher der Vertrieb.

Which ERP system do you use?

Striking a balance between high user competence and cost management

QuickAccess from tts lets you distribute knowledge quicker than any other tool. The super-fast access and the outreach are second to none.”

Jens Bertram, Global Team Lead IT ContiConnect, Continental

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