tts performance suite bei Novicare: Umfassende, einheitliche und kontextbezogene Unterstützung
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When Novicare implemented a new system for electronic patient records in its everyday operations, the aim was to familiarise the medical staff with it as quickly as possible.
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Innovative and efficient patient care

Novicare is an independent provider of medical and paramedical services based in the Netherlands. The company's multidisciplinary and autonomous treatment teams care for patients suffering from chronic and complex diseases.

In order to provide patients with the best possible treatment, Novicare's doctors and clinical staff need access to comprehensive patient data. Based on its working concept, the company has therefore decided to implement a new electronic patient record (ePa) solution. The system, called Nova, plays a crucial role in Novicare's day-to-day work. With the new software, Novicare is taking another step towards implementing its vision of the future, which is groundbreaking in the healthcare industry. However, the medical service provider faced a crucial challenge when introducing Nova: How can all employees be trained for this new way of working as quickly as possible?


Creation and management of e-learning content combined with performance support

The Nova software was completely new to the staff. Therefore, they needed ongoing support, regardless of time and place. The medical provider was looking for a solution that combined e-learning content creation and management with performance support. After comparing different options, Novicare was convinced by tts' personalised implementation approach and the consultants' expertise. In addition, the tts performance suite offered a very intuitive authoring system at a low total cost of ownership. To simplify the content creation process, tts developed customised e-learning templates for Novicare as well as a web portal in the company's corporate design.

Personal implementation approach and the expertise of the consultants

Context-sensitive support with the QuickAccess

Intuitive authoring system

Low total cost of ownership

Simple version management before go-live

Testimonial Background
We chose tts because we needed a simple, accessible solution for both end users and administrators. The personal project approach, high-quality consultation, and low total cost of ownership were key factors in our decision. Now that the implementation is completed, we’re sure we made the right choice!
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Ruud Hofland
ICT Manager, Novicare

Adapting to a more efficient, innovative patient care approach

To provide the best possible treatment for their patients, Novicare doctors and practitioners require access to comprehensive health records. Due to their working concept, Novicare opted to implement a new electronic medical records solution. This new system, named Nova, is crucial to Novicare’s business. It provides a full view of the patients’ medical treatment and record as well as information related to planning and supporting documents such as protocols. Moreover, the system is designed to support Novicare’s innovative vision of healthcare, which distinguishes the provider on the market and adds value for its clients. However, the medical service provider faced a challenge: How could it train all its employees to adapt to this new working method in the shortest time possible?

Because Novicare’s teams of doctors and practitioners are self-managed, multidisciplinary, and don’t all work at a single location, bringing staff up to speed wasn’t simple. Moreover, regular system updates meant that traditional classroom training was not a viable option. Novicare needed a solution that was flexible and intuitive. It needed something that allowed for eLearning and performance support. It needed something personalized.

Finding a flexible eLearning solution

As the Nova software was completely new to Novicare employees, they required ongoing support that was independent of time and place. The medical service provider sought a solution that would combine eLearning content creation and management with performance support. After comparing several options, Novicare was convinced by tts’s personal implementation approach and expert consultants. Furthermore, tt performance suite offered Novicare highly intuitive authoring tools at a low total cost of ownership.

To simplify the content creation process, tts developed custom, branded eLearning templates for Novicare, as well as a branded web portal in the company’s corporate design. Through Q&A sessions, tts identified training needs and provided on-the-job training sessions for Novicare. In a one-day training course, a selected group of authors learned how to use the tt performance suite content management system. This solution was so user-friendly that Novicare was able to train additional authors internally.

On the backend, in addition to streamlined content management, tts’s software allowed for easy versioning before going live. Software updates, learning modules, and support content were designed to stay aligned with one another. tts also fine-tuned the QuickAccess function to Novicare’s needs, enabling more precise contextual support for Nova.

Comprehensive, consistent, and contextual support

The new web portal, guided training, and admin training have provided the wanted flexible accessibility. And by developing context-sensitive, step-by-step guides for Nova, tts has made it easy for Novicare’s experts to build their own eLearning courses. The benefits are twofold: both end-users and content authors can now use Nova with ease.

End users receive support at exactly the moment they need it thanks to on-the-job support within the Nova application. Contextual support ensures that there is no time wasted: Users should be able to access work instructions and quality guidelines within 10 seconds and in just two clicks.

Content authors and managers, on the other hand, can work faster and more efficiently thanks to predefined templates and an automated recording function. This facilitates knowledge sharing among Novicare employees. Finally, collaborative workflows ensure a smooth review and approval process for new content.

Ongoing performance support, even as needs change

Now that the project is completed, Novicare can quickly and consistently onboard new users, ensuring that everyone has the same knowledge of the new system. And even as training requirements change in the future, content authors can easily create new resources that are aligned with software updates. With this additional knowledge, Novicare is supported to get the optimal result of the benefits of its electronic medical records system.

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