Spulen Sie mit der tts performance suite vor auf digitales Lernen.

Leave the 80s Behind

Embrace modern workflow learning with tts performance suite. Integrate the 5 Moments of Need® into your workplace with the digital adoption platform.
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Spend your money more wisely

Do you still spend 80% of your training budget on formal training? 

Participants promptly forget 80% of the training content provided in this way. And yes, you’ve guessed it, 80% of them learn best directly in the workplace. That means you can make far more effective use of your money. With tts performance suite, you provide knowledge exactly where it’s required – directly in the workflow, at the moment of need, and geared precisely to the relevant work context and role.   

Spulen Sie mit der tts performance suite vor auf digitales Lernen.

The 5 Moments of Need® & tts performance suite

When you look at situations in which performers require experience-based expertise, information or practical support, it quickly becomes clear that a single method of knowledge transfer is nowhere near enough. This is where the 5 Moments of Need come into place that structure learning requirements based on the situation you are in.  

 tts performance suite is the only Digital Adoption Platform that has you covered in all of the 5 Moments of Need.

Unlocking efficiency

tts performance suite embeds the 5 Moments of Need for seamless workflow learning.

Digital Adoption and Performance Support are centered around APPLY

tts performance suite definition

tts performance suite supports workflow learning in addition to real-time guidance for enterprise applications and complex business processes. It enables organizations to accelerate their digital transformations and realize the value of their software investments.

tts is an Apply Synergies Technology Partner

Apply Synergies Tech Partners

As an Apply Synergies Technology Partner, we strive to ensure seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies that effectively support the "5 Moments of Need" approach.

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