Vereinfachen Sie Ihr Wissensmanagement und machen Sie Ihr Unternehmens-Know-how zum Wettbewerbsvorteil

Make Knowledge a Competitive Advantage

In the battle for market share, a company’s own expertise can make all the difference – provided this is readily available at the right place and at the right time. tts performance suite enables you to pool your internal expertise and turn it into a powerful competitive edge.
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Your benefits with tts performance suite

Wissen zum Wettbewerbsvorteil machen
Make knowledge a competitive advantage
Knowledge Management vereinfachen
Simplify Knowledge Management
Wissen bereitstellen
Provide knowledge
Compliance sicherstellen
Ensure compliance
Datenqualität erhöhen
Increase data quality

Make your company know-how available everywhere

When looking for their key distinguishing feature, many companies overlook one of their most important assets – the expertise they’ve gained from years of experience and the recipes for success this offers in the form of best practices. With the help of the tts performance suite, you can make your company know-how available anywhere at just the right time – precisely when it is needed. Using just a single tool, you can view your existing knowledge base, prepare it for specific target groups and make it available for personalized use. As a result, you can use stored information to quickly generate up-to-date content that perfectly suits the relevant working context and your employees’ individual roles.

Simplify your knowledge management

A crucial factor here is that the tts performance suite simplifies your knowledge management. With a minimum of effort, you can increase process compliance and the quality of internal procedures by bundling relevant, company-specific know-how into one central solution and presenting it within the workflow – even on mobile devices. Not only that, but any content from the internet, your intranet or other sources can be incorporated, so that your employees can do precisely what is needed to set your company apart from its competition when dealing with customers, partners and other stakeholders – making that all-important difference.

Your benefits with the tts performance suite

  • You turn your company know-how into a competitive edge.
  • You simplify your knowledge management.
  • You ensure process compliance.
  • You increase data quality and optimize your services.
Transformez votre connaissance en un avantage concurrentiel : avec tts performance suite - la seule solution d'adoption digitale conçue pour une transformation de toute l'entreprise.
tts performance suite

Digitalization made easy

Turn your business knowledge into a competitive edge: with tts performance suite – the only digital adoption platform designed for a company-wide transformation.

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