Onboarding beschleunigen: Holen Sie neue Mitarbeitende effizient an Bord

The best way to get staff on board efficiently

Lots of new employees quit within their first 100 days because they have not really got to grips with their job. Using the tts performance suite can make it easier for new staff joining your team to get off to a flying start and integrate efficiently into the company.
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Digitale Transformation beschleunigen
Accelerate onboarding
Nutzerakzeptanz erhöhen
Increase employee satisfaction
Selbstständiges Arbeiten fördern
Encourage independent work
Mitarbeitende schnell ins Team integrieren
Integrate employees quickly
Knowledge Management vereinfachen
Simplify Knowledge Management
Wissen bereitstellen
Provide knowledge

Make onboarding efficient

When it comes to onboarding, every detail counts. That includes providing thorough initial training in the relevant field, which will have a major impact on how enthusiastically new staff approach their tasks, how well they complete them and how much they feel part of the team. As an employer, you should therefore make sure this critical phase is as pleasant and efficient as possible. The tts performance suite can help you do precisely that.

Minimise uncertainties and increase satisfaction

This business suite for company-wide digital adoption gives the most recent additions to your team exactly the help they need as they settle into their new job. It comes into play precisely when uncertainties are at their greatest – when getting to grips with business applications and trying to understand processes. It offers your staff practical, clear-cut assistance when they’ve hit a brick wall in their work and simply don’t know which way to turn. This support ultimately means your “new starts” can get on top of their job quickly and independently. You’ll also be helping them to get a sense of achievement and belonging early on, which paves the way for a strong and lasting employment relationship.

Background Testimonial
Thanks to the support of tts, we were able to quickly bring our employees from zero to 100 without any gaps in their knowledge. If our users still have questions after their first training, they can find the answers quickly and easily without having to close our Miles Ria lease management software.
ALD Automotive
ALD Automotive Netherlands

The benefits for you

  • Offer the ideal support in the all-important induction period
  • Minimize uncertainty and encourage independent working
  • Quickly create a sense of achievement and boost satisfaction
  • Rapidly make new staff an integral part of the team – on a lasting basis
tts performance suite: Die Lösung für unternehmensweite Digital Adoption
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tts performance suite

The tts performance suite is the most comprehensive - and probably the best - software suite for enterprise-wide digital adoption. Create, curate and deliver content in a single solution.

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