Successful and smooth transition from Oracle UPK
CSS Gruppe

Successful and smooth transition from Oracle UPK

Switching from Oracle UPK to a tts performance suite with an improved business case and without losing legacy UPK content.
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The challenge

In the past CSS had produced training materials with Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit). When it became apparent that Oracle intended to discontinue support for the product, CSS was forced to look for an alternative technology.

Finacial services

The solution

"Our search for a local partner with a solid international background ultimately led us to tts. One of our motivations to pick tts performance suite was the superior cost-benefit ratio when it comes to the production, curation and maintenance of content. The professional consultancy services offered by tts are another area where we identified a significant added value.” Says Andreas Schulz, e-learning specialist at CSS.

“The range of applications covered by tts performance suite as well as the user-friendly design also tipped the decision in favor of tts. The technology allows to effortlessly combine various didactic concepts into individualized and target group-specific training packages. The centralized management of roles and authorizations supports seamless collaboration of all individuals involved in content creation. With tts performance suite, any digital content (be it legacy UPK, new tts performance suite or from other sources) can be distributed to end users throughout CSS Group in a fully contextualized way at the "moment of need" – and all that practically at the touch of a button.”

Highly efficient production, localization and maintenance of learning content

Ability to maintain the legacy UPK content

Easy to use but sophisticated enough to accommodate different target groups (eg: application learning as well as non IT learning)

Partner with international standing

Ability of new partner to support the transition on the ground

Technology that will open the door into full contextual performance support

Background Testimonial
One reason for switching from Oracle UPK to tts was the significantly better cost and benefit ratio of purchase, operation and maintenance. One noteworthy added value is the professional advice provided by tts.
CSS Gruppe
Andreas Schulz
E-Learning Specialist at CSS

The first task was to securely integrate existing UPK content into the format of tts performance suite. In this phase tts needed to demonstrate the ability to replicate legacy functionality of the UPK software and enhance it further. Using tts performance suite` customization options in the area of template creation and centralized management based on an authorization concept where key features.

Significant additional value - compared to UPK – is expected because of the Performance Support component in tts performance suite. It provides users with access to any relevant digital content (e.g. e-learnings, links, step guides) relating to their actual working context at the all-important "moment of need". Workload for 1st level support goes down, when users are able to find help “in the moment of need”.

CSS added to the user experience by uploading of-the-shelf learning content for Microsoft Office. The suite's vast customization options in the area of template creation, along with the reusability of content elements ultimately convinced CSS that they had made the right choice. The integration of UPK content went like clockwork and was completed within schedule. 

tts performance suite - The high-performance alternative to Oracle UPK
tts performance suite

The high-performance alternative to Oracle UPK

What about a solution that allows continued use of existing Oracle UPK learning assets plus more? tts performance suite can help you extend the life of your existing UPK content!

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