tts performance suite: Infos zum neuen Release 2023
Live and online – information about the upcoming 2023 release

tts performance suite 2023


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What’s new

Thanks to the new features of the tts performance suite, you can offer your colleagues even faster intuitive help with processes in their moment of need. You can now incorporate videos, visualize complex processes in QuickAccess and switch to a deep dive with just one click. You can also copy content quickly and easily, and create recordings of extensive web applications automatically and in context.

tts performance suite: Infos zum neuen Release 2023

An overview of the functions:

NEW: Improve support for processes with deep-dive information, multimedia and clear priorities 

You can now make support for the processes in your organization even clearer in QuickAccess – incorporate videos in Creator, e.g. from YouTube or Vimeo, and design your texts however you like. You can now also link diagrams of complex process flows in QuickAccess with descriptions of sub-processes. Plus, you can now sort your documents manually in the Process view and decide for yourself which of your content should be given high priority and put at the top.  

NEW: Copy recurring content instead of creating it from scratch 

When working in multiple Creator documents at the same time, you can now easily copy and paste content from one editor to another. For example, if you're creating step-by-step guides with recurring content, you don't have to go through the tedious process of creating the same content twice. Instead, you can simply use the existing content, saving time and effort. 

NEW: Automatic context for complex web applications 

The recording feature in Producer now automatically adds context for each area of the application, even for complex web applications. You navigate through the app in your browser and record. The system recognizes where you are in real time and automatically maps that information. This means you no longer have to manually go back through step-by-step guides, e-learning courses and documentation to add context. 


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Discover the advantages of the 2023 release of the tts performance suite.

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