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tts performance suite 2024


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The story continues 

Following last year's AI revolution, the tts performance suite 2024 is getting even smarter. Our Digital Adoption Platform can now do even more: intelligent image and voice tools provide authors with the tools they need to create content faster and easier.  

Text becomes so much more

Additional AI tools have now been integrated into the tts performance suite to make content creation even faster and more intuitive. With DALL-E and DreamStudio, perfect illustrations are created from written text as if by magic. And Amazon Polly lends her voice to our well-known text-to-speech function. She creates naturally sounding speech from written words. 

Intuitively better

A lot has also been done in terms of user experience: whether in QuickAccess or WebAccess, processes and topics can now be designed in a standardized way with the help of multimedia content. The content is embedded directly and can be called up without an additional click. Also new: thanks to the improved user interface, creating step lists is now even easier, for example with drag-and-drop. 

We heard you

In our productive discussions with organizations that have been using tts performance suite to revolutionize workplace learning for years, the focus was on one thing: Intuitive to use, making it as easy as possible to train employees on new IT tools, or processes and policies as part of business guidance.    

tts performance suite 2024: Bereit für eine Zukunft mit KI

An overview of the new features

  • DALL-E and DreamStudio turn simple text input into perfect illustrations.   
  • With Amazon Polly, speech generated from written text sounds even more natural 
  • Whether in QuickAccess or WebAccess - multimedia content can now be accessed uniformly in every view  
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