tts performance suite goes AI

tts performance suite goes KI

Heidelberg, October 25, 2023 – For the first time, the new release of tts performance suite includes AI functions that support authors in the production of learning materials. At the same time, open interfaces enable the responsible further development of the digital adoption platform in the direction of artificial intelligence. 

What used to take hours can now be done with a few clicks. This describes the decisive added value that the new release of tts performance suite offers users - especially authors. For the first time, they can use generative AI assistants such as D-ID or ChatGPT to help them create knowledge content.  

Moving image in three steps 

Until now, the production of videos has required a considerable amount of time, resources and costs. The AI video generator in the new release of tts performance suite reduces this effort to just a few minutes:  

  • Upload a photo of the presenter or select an avatar,  
  • or ask the artificial intelligence for a suggestion, or upload an audio file, and then start the  
  • and start the creation process.  

That's it. The AI does the rest, including animation and lip-sync audio in more than 100 languages. 

Create text in minutes

The integration of the ChatGPT AI text generator also greatly simplifies and accelerates the creation of step lists and other text-based training materials. AI-based prompt support ensures that ChatGPT receives the necessary instructions to produce high-quality text. 

Quality assurance by experts

"With the integration of AI into the tts performance suite, company-specific knowledge reaches employees faster than ever before," says tts CEO Dr. Rolf Zajonc. He adds, "But AI can't do everything. By curating the content of experts, companies can ensure that their employees will be able to correctly execute business processes, policies or procedures in the future." 

The further development of tts performance suite with regard to future AI tools that can be integrated via open interfaces will also be carried out in a correspondingly responsible manner. "There are no alternative truths when it comes to technology guidance and business guidance. In both cases, only 100 percent will lead to success," says Dr. Rolf Zajonc. For this reason, tts is increasingly focusing on pilot projects to further develop the digital adoption platform in the direction of AI. In these projects, tts works with customers to test which enhancements make sense and offer the greatest added value. 

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tts is one of the leading providers of digital adoption platforms, digital HR and corporate learning. As a strong partner, tts supports enterprises with three specialized business units in embedding change in the daily lives of employees and efficiently achieving digitalization goals.

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The tts performance suite is the only digital adoption platform that supports employees in every business application and process. It supports them directly in their workflows whenever they are uncertain and ensures that they close knowledge and skills gaps in an uncomplicated manner. As a result, they can easily internalize new processes and work with confidence from the start. This increases the adaptability of the entire organization. 

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With 25 years of experience, tts is the leading provider of corporate learning in the DACH region. With a high level of methodological and didactic competence, proven concepts and passion, tts guides companies through change projects. A flexible mix of traditional and agile methods enables employees to adopt new ways of working. This is how a project becomes a working reality. 

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tts is an SAP HCM Expert, SAP Gold Partner and has the most certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants in the DACH region. From the HR business model to implementation and ongoing support - tts develops customized solutions for Digital HR. Thanks to its wealth of experience, tts leads transformation projects reliably and efficiently to success.

tts performance suite powered by AI

tts performance suite powered by AI

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