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PLM can reduce the time-to-market by up to 30 percent

Cost savings

PLM delivers cost savings of up to 80 percent

Competitive advantage

78 percent of companies see digital twins as a competitive advantage

tt performance suite - use PLM systems easily and efficiently

Product lifecycle management (PLM) incorporates all the various stages and phases that a product or product improvement goes through as it evolves from the initial idea into a viable solution. Whatever PLM software you're using it's going to be complex, often challenging even experienced users. PLM novices, meanwhile, need a lot of training before they’re reasonably sure of what to do. Time and again, users make mistakes or data is not entered in full, which in the worst-case scenario can badly hit companies’ time-to-market and competitiveness.

User adoption is the key to a successful PLM operation!

Are you about to rollout, upgrade or change your PLM system or is it already well underway? If so, you should pave the way for a high level of user adoption as soon as possible – because a faster time-to-market, big cost savings and increased competitive advantages all depend on how well your staff understand processes and on their skill in using complex systems.


The access to all relevant departments provided by a standardized data model means processes can take place in parallel. This shortens the product development process, which in turn results in a faster time-to-market. This does mean, however, that staff need to have a good understanding and command of complex interfaces and processes.

PLM ermöglicht ein um bis zu 30 % schnelleres Time-to-Market
Mit PLM kann man Kostenersparnisse um bis zu 80 % erzielen

Cost saving

Making the best possible use of standard components and products when creating variants can slash development costs. This calls for a standardized data model with optimum data quality, which can only be achieved by means of user adoption.

Competitive advantages

Your customers expect products tailored to their needs that are quick and easy to configure. The aim is to enable manufacturers to produce everything down to batch sizes of one profitably while also keeping prices at an acceptable level. 

To make the most of competitive advantages, your customers must be happy with their particular products.

78 % der Unternehmen sehen Digital Twins als Wettbewerbsvorteil

The exact help you need for each screen

The tt performance suite helps you achieve your goals. The performance support tool from tts provides your employees with seamless system and process support at the “moment of need”. In other words, exactly when a user runs into difficulties and could do with some help – directly in the PLM system and focused on the current task. 

The tt performance suite helps you inform your staff precisely about your PLM system – Our context-sensitive approach saves your helpdesk from expensive "How Do I?" questions. The software recognizes which screen a user is currently in, offering just the right practical tips with the click of a mouse.  

The built-in authoring tool allows you to effortlessly create guides, simulations and web-based trainings or IT documentation. So you can provide your PLM users with precisely the knowledge they need to carry out their day-to-day work and deal with system or process amendments. 

The end result is that you help all users improve their own personal know-how and feel confident using their software which in turn quickly delivers sustainable success.

tt performance suite & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Greater productivity thanks to better PLM handling

Costly PLM systems must be able to make the most of their benefits – otherwise, their added value is lost. Providing knowledge exactly at the “moment of need” prevents any such loss by making it easier for everyone to work with complex PLM systems. Find out how it all works in this white paper.

Your benefits
    • Direct support across multiple systems in your workplace context
    • Better data quality thanks to compliance-assured cross-process support
    • Reduced susceptibility to errors
    • Less effort and thus lower costs to communicate changes, run the IT helpdesk and train users
    • Users quickly develop a full understanding of your PLM philosophy
    • Greater acceptance of your PLM system


How can I train my users efficiently if our PLM system changes?

Thanks to the context-recognition capabilities of the tt performance suite, you can offer every user the right assistance at the “moment of need” so they can quickly pinpoint precisely the information they require. Moreover, you can use the application’s recording function to easily and efficiently create eLearning content and documentation in the target software. You can also present information in clear and concise step-by-step guides.

How do I help development engineers work efficiently with as little IT support as possible?

With delivering IT-based context-sensitive help in the moment of need (performance support) you can reduce the time spent away from the workplace on traditional courses, thus increasing efficiency. We can also highlight NEW content. The Re-Recording feature of tt performance suite efficiently updates all your existing content if your system changes.

How can I keep my employees up to date if the PLM system and PLM processes are changed?

Thanks to the context-sensitive support offered in the tt performance suite, you can flag up any changes to your system and processes. The software also enables you to document processes, meaning your employees can always see precisely which step has been changed. The record of the matching software interactions can be linked with the process documentation, providing a comprehensive view of any changes.

How can performance support help me meet compliance requirements?

tt performance suite helps make test questions and assessments in your learning content easy, with version control and easy updates on content you can be sure your users are getting the right information. Seamless integration with your LMS means you can provide all the reporting you need for meeting compliance requirements.

Can I import and continue to use pre-existing learning content?

Yes, and you can make it context sensitive too! You can easily import any content from Word, Excel, Acrobat and PowerPoint, as well as videos, HTML files, LMS content, eLearning modules, simulations and assessments. All content can be used without any limitations once imported.

Is tt performance suite compatible with any PLM software? What kind of PLM system do you support?

tt performance suite works with any kind of PLM software, no matter if on premise or in the cloud. You have PLM software from Aras, Autodesk, Cadence, Dassault, PTC or Siemens PLM implemented? Or are have a customized PLM in place? tt performance suite supports every PLM software or customized system that you can think of. 

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