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  • tts performance suite Release 2021r1
    Webinar | April 21 – 4:30-5:30 pm (CET)
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Release 2021r1: Take advantage of the new benefits!

The new release of tts performance suite brings you the features our users want most: design step lists more freely, update push messages faster, add users more easily, and much more. Discover the possibilities!

As always, you can find out all the details in our web session on April 21 at 4:30 pm (CET).

What´s in it for you

  • Creator: Create step lists with total flexibility
    You will already be familiar with Creator from the previous release. Now the tool is even better. You can insert any images into step lists – without having to record a software application beforehand.

  • Push notifications: Reinforce divergent search contexts with information
    Define clear separation between the application in use and the associated information. If, for example, an employee opens outdated software, a push notification will alert them. What’s more, push notifications can be updated at any time, which is especially useful if something unexpected, like unplanned system maintenance, crops up.

  • User administrator: Manage users even without admin right
    The constraints of admin/user rights are a thing of the past. We’ve combined the best of both: as a “user administrator”, employees can simply add new users themselves. This saves your global admins a lot of time as they no longer need to worry about granting users permission to access specific sub-organizations.

  • Learning videos: Create them as MP4 rather than HTML
    Easily export learning assets from Producer as video files (MP4). That enables videos to either be slowed down using the predefined delay setting or be shown in real time.

  • Optional: Use responsive design for WebAccess
    You now have the possibility to switch to responsive design. WebAccess and all its content will be displayed differently depending on the screen size and/or end device to ensure optimal user-friendliness.

  • Technical optimization: Improve the dashboard, logins, and much more
    On top of that, there are numerous technical aspects you can put to good use, such as a more coherent dashboard layout or the possibility to configure multiple SAML IDPs for logins.


Stephan Hilbrandt, Product Manager bei tts - knowledge matters. Christian Engel, Customer Success Manager bei tts - knowledge matters.
Stephan Hilbrandt
Product Manager

Christian Engel
Customer Success Manager

Discover the advantages of the 2021r1 release of the tts performance suite