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How digital adoption leads to enthusiastic staff and happy customers

CRM systems enable companies to manage their relationships in a structured and sophisticated manner. Besides increasing customer loyalty and accelerating sales growth, this also results in a welcome boost in staff productivity.
Yet even if the chosen software solution is truly powerful and maps all aspects of CRM, without skilled employees to use the system properly and maintain data sets, the ultimate ROI tends to be rather unsatisfactory. In a study, Forrester Research even came to the conclusion that 49% of all CRM projects lead nowhere. When looking into the causes of this, it quickly becomes clear that a lack of system uptake among staff (digital adoption) and uncertainty surrounding the right way to use it (user adoption) are the major culprits.

In our upcoming webinar, we will shed light on these very problems. tts experts Sergio Willim and Malte Werner will also be talking about
    • The challenges users face during the roll-out of a new CRM system,
    • Which complex requirements project managers need to meet before and after the go-live,
    • How to use CRM systems more effectively while also enhancing data quality.

Jonathan Bihumugani is a Digital Adoption & Transformation Expert at tts. He accompanies and advises clients on all topics concerning digital user adoption and performance support.

Henk Arts
has a great expertise with implmenting Electronic Performance Support Solutions, Digital Adoption Solutions, e-Learning and Mobile Learning over 20 years.  He has been the Country Manager Netherlands at tts for 6 years now. Henk Arts is also experienced in the implementation and handling of a number of different CRM solutions.


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