The key to digital transformation

Far from being a passing fad, the digital transformation is here to stay and is influencing everything from administration, development and production to sales, marketing and even supply chains. Nothing has as certain a future as digitalization.

As we enter an increasingly digital world, your staff need effective, company-wide support. Rapid and efficient user adoption is therefore strategically important to ensuring your company’s lasting success and thus its future.

tt performance suite is a tool that covers all user adoption requirements. It ensures your workforce can access all the knowledge and help it needs at exactly the right moment – from the very first day of your digitalization project and for all day-to-day tasks.

The centralized solution standardizes, simplifies and speeds up the creation of learning content and the performance support throughout your company for all functions and processes.

Do any of the following challenges sound familiar?

Pressure to go digital

In virtually all industries, companies are competing in a never-ending race to become the master of the digital transformation – and thus assume pole position on the market.

Inefficient change management

Digitalization is revolutionizing business models, processes and ways of working. However, the success of this transformation depends on your staff being up to date on the very latest changes.

A lack of software skills

Even the most advanced solution is useless if your staff don’t know how to use it properly. They need help in their “moment of need”.

tt performance suite is the most comprehensive – and probably the best – software suite for user adoption. ttps features a performance support component including an authoring tool and content management system. With just a single solution, you can therefore create, curate and provide access to content.

Using tt performance suite, you can help a staff member in the very moment they discover they don’t know how to perform a specific task – all at the click of a mouse and without having to enter any search terms. Your staff will work with greater productivity, efficiency and satisfaction. Your company’s transformation will be faster and better than that of others. And that’s exactly how you’ll gain that all-important edge over the competition.

Competitive advantages that tt performance suite offers you
    • Innovative products thanks to digital expertise
    • Rapid time-to-market thanks to a more productive workforce
    • Enhanced quality and fewer process errors
    • Better service with staff in the know
    • Greater efficiency as a result of greater productivity
    • Reduced costs for training