• tts performance suite for CRM systems
    Boosting sales with training
Digital adoption and performance support for your CRM system

Do you hope rolling out a new CRM system or updating your existing one will bring you measurable benefits? You’re quite right! Studies show that CRM software boosts sales by up to 29 percent, productivity by 34 percent and the accuracy of sales forecasts by 40 percent. Yet you can only tap into this potential if your sales team truly embraces the new software and makes full use of the opportunities it offers.

The key to fast, company-wide user adoption goes by the name of tts performance suite. In the context of change management, you can use this solution to familiarize your sales staff with the advantages of systematic data management. If the whole team can draw on information that’s always up to date, synergies start to take shape.

Featuring a tried-and-tested performance support tool, tts performance suite also helps you convey operational application know-how in the “moment of need”. You can create guides and specific help content to prevent your staff making mistakes or entering duplicate data. That way, you will benefit fully from your CRM system.

Generate greater revenue

Flaws in data quality cost time and money. For a CRM system to truly boost revenue, your sales staff need to record their leads and opportunities correctly.

Cost savings

Boost efficiency

What’s the secret to carefully nurturing business relationships and always finding the fastest way to close a deal? Gut instinct alone isn’t enough. What you need is valid data. Without it, your sales team will waste a lot of time on “opportunities” that lead to nowhere. And all the while, your competitors will be reeling in the big fish.

Predict with greater precision

Sales planning hinges on reliable data – without it, even the best sales funnel is useless. Equipped with inaccurate information, even experts quickly miss their annual targets. But the more detailed and up to date the data, the more precise the forecast and the more successful the sales team.

Je exakter und aktueller dagegen die Daten, desto präziser ist der Forecast und desto erfolgreicher der Vertrieb.

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