tts and ubuntu help users master healthcare software

tts and ubuntu help users master healthcare software with “the orange”

tts and ubuntu help users master healthcare software with “the orange”

Heidelberg, Ahrensburg, May 19, 2023. As part of a new collaboration, ubuntu eG is helping tts GmbH take the tts performance suite to the healthcare sector. The digital adoption platform – also known as “the orange” – helps doctors, nurses and other hospital staff use healthcare software correctly. This boosts user acceptance, ensuring staff are better able to skillfully utilize new applications and processes. However, the solution doesn’t just lower error rates, it also saves valuable time and thus real money in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of hospital life. 

What should state-of-the-art knowledge sharing look like?

Imagine that a new type of software is about to be rolled out in a hospital. Ideally, there’ll be no delay in scheduling the first in-person training courses. These courses are important as a first step, but they aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution and are far from adequate on their own. After all, a whole lot of know-how has to be passed on to the trainees in a very short space of time – and all in an environment where digital solutions are sometimes completely new territory. Staff sitting in a classroom will be pumped full of knowledge for up to eight hours. Unfortunately, some 80 percent of what they learn will have been completely forgotten within a week. A hefty hard-copy training manual won’t be much use either, and nor will an understaffed help desk that simply can’t cope with the flood of queries that will come through. 

A much better approach is to give staff a solution that offers them exactly the help they need, when they need it, as appropriate to the relevant context – in other words, without them having to go looking for it. This solution should know which program the staff member is working in, which staff grouping they belong to and which information they need. Context-sensitive help like this plays an important part in making sure users accept the new systems. It ensures staff understand new digitalization projects (such as a hospital information system), accept them and have the know-how they need. 

What kind of context-sensitive help tools are available?

There are currently several solutions on the market that offer this kind of context-sensitive help, including the “tts performance suite”. The tool’s icon is “the orange”. It is provided by tts GmbH, based in Heidelberg, Germany.  

What benefits does “the orange” offer, particularly with regard to Germany’s Hospital Futures Act (KHZG)? 

One big benefit of the tts performance suite relates to the requirement in the KHZG that IT documentation and a training guide must be produced. The solution can cover the creation of this content in various formats, such as step-by-step lists or guides for support in the workplace. If the tts performance suite is used consistently right from the start, hospitals can produce several items of content such as these in tandem and make that knowledge available to all staff. Employees can then refer to this available know-how at any time in the course of their working day, as and when questions arise. This minimizes the need for training courses and help desk queries. 

What new and exciting offerings does the “orange seller” have?

Having seen its benefits, ubuntu eG is now actively helping tts GmbH roll out “the orange” in the healthcare sector and the two companies have concluded a sales collaboration for this purpose. Furthermore, ubuntu eG will create content for health management institutions, as required. Thanks to its practical experience and familiarity with the processes in these facilities, the amount of time customers need to put into the whole workflow is very modest. The term “content” refers to any aids that, after consultation with the customer, are to be shown to hospital staff within the solution. This ensures that users of the tts performance suite benefit from valuable support that saves them time – right from the first time they use the software. 

What kind of long-term influence is it hoped this collaboration will have on the healthcare sector?

The teams at both tts GmbH and ubuntu eG are clear that people should always be at the heart of everything. That is why our services, our products and our own self-image are all geared toward assisting people in their working environment, successfully managing changes, and designing processes and systems so they are effective and helpful for people and for the organizations in which those people work. Solutions only make sense if they improve existing processes and offer added value. Both companies are currently placing a special emphasis on the healthcare sector, where their activities and projects share a common goal – making sure hospital staff get more time for their patients. “The orange” is set to help doctors, nurses and other software users free up this valuable time.

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The roll-out of new software and digital transformation can only be successful when the processes and technologies involved are customized to the people using them. tts performance suite supports your employees as they perform their actual tasks. If they have any questions, the digital adoption platform offers real-time support for complex business processes and IT applications. tts performance suite gets the digital transformation going – ensuring the success of your software investment. 

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