Mit der tts performance suite steigern Sie die Produktivität Ihrer Mitarbeitenden und schaffen so mehr Zeit für die Versorgung der Patient:innen.

Accelerate digital transformation in the healthcare sector

Opt for the tts performance suite to boost your staff’s productivity and free up more of their time to focus on patient care.

Advantages of tts performance suite

Digitale Transformation beschleunigen
Accelerate onboarding
Reduce error rate
Compliance sicherstellen
Ensure compliance
24/7 Support
24/7 Support
Effizienz der Schulungen maximieren
Effizienz der Schulungen maximieren

Staff – a key factor in digitalization

Digitalization in the healthcare sector throws up huge challenges for hospitals and nursing homes in particular. The pressure for change is enormous – especially for staff, who are often skeptical about the upcoming transformation. However, it is essential that they understand the new technologies and processes, and operate the complex new systems flawlessly to avoid fatal consequences. 

Meistern Sie den Übergang zur digitalen Klinik - Mitarbeitende als Schlüsselfaktor bei der Digitalisierung

Make the transition to a digital hospital or nursing home

With tts performance suite, healthcare professionals and administrative staff get precisely the personalized support they need to use new applications, technologies and processes. This applies whether they’re at their desk or on the move – and to all Windows and web-based applications. The tts performance suite provides relevant, task-appropriate knowledge about processes, workflows, rules and procedures.    

In this way, you achieve a seamless transition to a digital hospital and motivate your staff to play an active role in shaping developments. You plug any gaps in the transformation process, while also encouraging acceptance of your digitalization projects. 

Boosting acceptance 

With tts performance suite, you provide your staff with better guidance, thereby helping them use complex processes and technologies more effectively. You therefore increase acceptance of the changes that are part and parcel of the digital transformation. 

Making change management easier 

Opt for tts performance suite to add speed and agility to the digital transformation of your hospital or nursing home. This digital adoption solution helps your staff fully harness the potential of new technologies. 

Die Digitalisierung des Gesundheitswesens erfordert eine passgenaue Unterstützung der Mitarbeitenden. Die tts performance suite hilft Ihnen dabei.

What the tts performance suite can do for hospitals and nursing homes

  • Provide support for administrative tasks by boosting staff efficiency and productivity. This leaves more time for patient care. 
  • Save time when it comes to training and onboarding 
  • Reduce training costs by creating content faster and making it available during the actual work process 
  • Lower the number of support tickets thanks to context-specific assistance within the applications 
  • Improve the quality of data by providing assistance for all Windows and web-based applications within the everyday work context  
  • Ensure compliance by improving the understanding of processes 

Examples of supported IT systems

  • Meona  
  • Afga Healthcare  
  • Cerner  
  • Meierhofer  
  • Nexus 
  • CGM   
  • SAP 
  • Medifox  
  • Mediatixx  
  • optadata  
  • apenio  
  • HyCare  
  • Curasoft  
tts performance suite: Passgenaue Unterstützung der Mitarbeitenden an ihrem Arbeitsplatz – besonders in Kliniken.
We chose tts to be our partner because we wanted to offer our end users and administrators a user-friendly solution. The personalized approach to the project, the quality of the advice, and the low total cost of ownership were key factors in our choice. Once the implementation process had been completed, it was clear we had made the correct decision! 
Ruud Hofland
ICT Manager, Novicare
Transformez votre connaissance en un avantage concurrentiel : avec tts performance suite - la seule solution d'adoption digitale conçue pour une transformation de toute l'entreprise.
tts performance suite

Digitalization made easy

Turn your business knowledge into a competitive edge: with tts performance suite – the only digital adoption platform designed for a company-wide transformation.

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