• 5 Moments of Need
    New - More - Apply - Solve - Change
  • New
    Acquiring knowledge through tt performance suite
  • More
    Receiving the level of knowledge needed
  • Apply
    Integrating knowledge in daily tasks
  • Solve
    Context specific help at the push of a button
  • Change
    Relying on up to date content
tt performance suite

How to implement the 5 Moments of Need™ successfully and make it a strategy!

Along with its award-winning performance support solution tt performance suite and certified consultants, tts is providing an integrated approach to your learning content, enabling you to design, create, curate and manage your learning and performance support solution covering all 5 Moments of Need.

It’s easy for users and authors too!

Users can access content either via a context sensitive user interface (QuickAccess) that serves as a single point of access for all enterprise-wide sources of knowledge or via a portal; no matter which Moment of Need, which level of detail whether the content has been created with tt performance suite or not, is on IT or Non-IT topics, or lies within the tt performance suite repository or in any other knowledge portal.

Authors will find a state of the art authoring environment including single source recording resulting in at least 3 different output formats, a repository that facilitates maintenance with version management and workflows, and multiple structuring possibilities. 

Let’s look at how you can successfully implement this model and how tts as a partner of Apply Synergies covers all 5 Moments of Need with its award-winning performance support solution tt performance suite.

Performance Matters: A 5 Moments of Needs Podcast

Patrick Dunlap, tts' Senior Vice President, chats with co-host Bob Mosher around performance support and how the tt performance suite fits into both the broader learning technology landscape and The 5 Moments of Need methodology.

In the "Technology Matters" podcast series of "The 5 Moments of Need", Patrick adds to the conversation with business issues they help clients solve, best practices, and common performance support technology pitfalls to avoid.

Integrating the 5 Moments of Need into tt performance suite


When learning something new it is worth investing the time and effort to understand the background:

  • tt performance suite offers a course view where eLearnings can be structured and made available in an LMS if needed
  • All different types of content can be integrated:

    • from motivational videos to boost the willingness to learn something new to
    • process outlines and basic concept to foster understanding

  • Standard tasks will be supported by the EPSS in the workflow. Therefore formal learning may emphasize on critical tasks.


Users can access detailed and supporting knowledge:

  • Within the course structure users can enhance their knowledge depending on their individual job and requirement.
  • Advanced learners can take advanced courses or specialize as power users.
  • Freely selectable performance support categories within QuickAccess help to understand which content offers which level of detail.


When trying to apply knowledge in their daily work, users want quick answers to specific questions:

  • QuickAccess offers context-specific content within “2 clicks, 10 seconds” for any application.
  • In addition keywords can be entered into the suggest search field (e.g. for Non-IT topics).
  • Content may cover the entire Performance Support pyramid from field help over step-by-step guidance to process overviews.
  • Other sources of information can be integrated, e.g. search engines, CMS, existing portals, etc.


When problems arise, users can find help in QuickAccess:

  • Categories such as “troubleshooting” or “current issues” offer context-specific answers, if it is a known issue related to a certain application. Alternatively content can be offered context independent when concerning company-wide issues.
  • Contact data to subject matter experts or support can be integrated.
5 Moments of Need - Solve


    With the speed of change that businesses face today, this moment is particularly relevant for performance support:

    • Within a QuickAccess category like “What’s New” users can be made aware of changes
    • As maintenance of tt performance suite is very easy, users can rely on content being up to date.

    How do the 5 Moments of Need relate to authors creating content in tt performance suite?

    New: What are the authors´benefits working with tt performance suite when new content needs to be created?

    When new applications are rolled out or new concepts are established it is essential that employees find all relevant information starting day one.

    • tt performance suite allows authors to create simulations at the click of a button.
    • Import export functions facilitate translation processes. 
    More: How can you filter the depth of learning content made available to the employees?

    Different levels of knowledge can be gratified by establishing different roles for basic and advanced knowledge.

    Apply: Is the content creation in tt peformance suite restricted to authors?

    tt performance suite enables quick creation of context-sensitive step-by-step- guidance, e-learnings and detailed information with one single recording. Therefore different levels of knowledge detail can be serviced quickly.  

    Solve: How can users share their knowledge after solving a problem?

    This moment is an ideal case for user-generated content as users who have once solved an issue can provide their peers with the solution. Also, helpdesk and support employees can act quickly in response to suddenly arising needs by creating information easily with the help of the recording function. Most importantly, content can be released and made available immediately at the click of a button.

    Change: How can I update my existing learning content if processes or applications within the company have changed?

    With the speed of change businesses face today, the fifth moment of need is a real challenge for authors in their strive to keep learning objects up to date. A re-recording function within the authoring environment facilitates maintenance of content. Supported by customizable workflows content can be released and made available in real-time.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of applications does the EPSS support?

    Our tool can handle almost all office and business critical applications both desktop and web based, whether they are standard software or custom built. No add-ins plugged into individual applications are necessary and the mechanisms work consistently across all applications. 

    How can non-IT topics be supported?

    Within QuickAccess keywords can be entered in the suggest search field. Alternatively content can be structured into different topics, courses or along processes in the portal. Also, QR codes NFCs, I-beacons, image recognition technology ect. can be used as context to trigger curation of content. 

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