Salesforce Sales Cloud can boost your sales
It all depends on user adoption

Research has shown that CRM software can increase sales (by up to 29%), productivity (by up to 34%),  forecast accuracy (by up to 40%) and customer retention (by up to 27%). But it only will happen if you get the buy-in from your sales force! It all depends on user adoption!

Are you thinking about implementing Salesforce or have you gone live with the application? Getting the return on investment you put into your business case is highly dependent on the degree of user adoption. If your sales team is reluctant to use Salesforce, you won’t realize the application’s full potential.

How does a lack of user adoption affect return on investment?

The benefits of using Salesforce sound promising: Who would not want to increase revenue, sales efficiency and improve forecast accuracy? But no matter how good the application, it cannot do its magic unless it is used properly.


In sales, being efficient means to put all efforts into negotiating with decision-makers and closing deals that ensure long-standing, sustainable business relationships. With poorly maintained data, however, sales professionals could end up chasing after clients with no true interest or potential, while promising clients wander off to buy elsewhere.


Sales figures will not grow if sales professionals fail to feed the system with valuable information on leads and opportunities or miss out on keeping things up to date. Low data quality may lead to misguided campaigns. Wasting time, resources and money is not the only risk: Even the best products and services won’t help you if they are advertised to the wrong person and you may ultimately put off potential clients for good.

Forecast Accuracy

Sales planning is all about facts and figures. Forecast methods like the sales funnel provide valuable information on what and how much sales professionals need to do to achieve their targets. Still, forecasts are only as reliable as the data they are based on. Using inaccurate or outdated information dilute any forecast, and chances are you will not be where you wanted to be by the end of the year. 

Customer Retention

Having an always up to date customer database in which your customer facing staff knows how to maintain customer activities is essential for getting to know your customer better. An overall view over your customer is key for a long-lasting customer retention - given that your users have adopted to your Salesforce and built up the necessary competence.

What can you do to facilitate user adoption?

The easier it is for your sales professionals to get into Salesforce, the more likely it is that they will use it. What does that mean for you? Make it as easy as possible for users and facilitate change by providing immediate and quick access to pre-structured, relevant and context sensitive information at the moment of need.

Benefits at a glance
    • Context sensitive Performance Support directly at the workplace
    • Intuitive guidance through your Salesforce
    • Interactive eLearning like web-based training or IT simulations
    • Conventional documentation such as user manuals and work instructions
    • Semi-automated localization of IT documentation and support
    • Integrate any existing content with no effort
    • Built-in, full-featured document management system
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