Bringen Sie Ihre Digitalisierungsprojekte schneller ans Ziel, und nutzen Sie Digital Adoption als Schrittmacher für Innovation in Ihrem Unternehmen.

Switch on the agility – our solution for your digitalization projects

Fast-track your digitalization projects and use digital adoption as a pace-setter for innovation in your company – it’s simple with the tts performance suite.
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Equipped for every challenge

Digitale Transformation beschleunigen
Accelerate digital transformation
Mitarbeitende für digitalen Wandel begeistern
Inspire employees for digital transformation
Digitale Unternehmenskultur gestalten
Design Digital Corporate Culture
Digitalisierungsprojekte ans Ziel bringen
Lead digitalization projects to the goal
IT-Investitionen absichern
Secure IT investments

The digital revolution is changing the rules of the game

When it comes to competition, the digital revolution is changing the rules of the game. These days, the companies that achieve success are increasingly the ones that make the most of their data and can adapt to market changes more quickly than others. A key requirement for this is digital adoption, which means that employees see change as an opportunity and fully harness the potential of new technologies. This can be built up systematically – with the tts performance suite.

Bring speed to the digital transformation of your company

By using the Business Suite for Digital Adoption from tts, you are helping your staff find the support they need for specific task, when they need it – right at their workplace, in any web-based application, and tailored precisely to their role. This helps you bring speed and agility to your digital transformation, because the tts performance suite ensures your employees complete all their tasks efficiently from the very start. You increase the quality of your data and forecasts, and create a single source of truth for important decisions. In a nutshell, you make the most of the digital revolution, giving your company a clear competitive edge.

Background Testimonial
With the level of complexity and pace of change in our sector being so high, we can no longer rely on preparatory learning alone. That’s why it’s becoming hugely important for us to provide them direct support at the workplace whenever they’re in urgent need of information.
Tobias Kindler, Head of Learning Technology & Performance Support, Schwarz IT KG
Tobias Kindler
Head of Learning Technology & Performance Support, Schwarz IT KG

The benefits for you with the tts performance suite:

  • You increase application security.
  • You simplify and accelerate your digital transformation processes.
  • You safeguard your IT investments.
  • You choose a future-proof solution.
tts performance suite für ERP Systeme
Digital Adoption Solution

tts performance suite

The tts performance suite is the most comprehensive - and probably the best - software suite for enterprise digital adoption. Content can be created, curated and delivered in a single solution.

Digital adoption also in your company?

Let's find out together how a tts performance suite can help your business. Tell us who you are and how we can help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

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