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Swiss company Ypsomed AG has worked together with tts to create a global learning environment for this medical technology specialist. The advice provided by the tts transformation consultants prior to implementation meant it was possible to plan in advance and lay the foundations for a successful rollout.
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Amalgamating a range of learning requirements

Ypsomed AG is a leading developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems for self-medication. Decision-making powers and entrepreneurial responsibility are deeply and widely embedded in the organization – and this is one of the company’s key success drivers. This, in turn, calls for a supportive learning environment, which is why the company has pressed ahead with the development of a global learning world in recent years – a world in which a variety of learning requirements are amalgamated in one system.

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> 2,000
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Burgdorf, Switzerland
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approx. CHF 465 million

A holistic concept as the key

The foundations for the success of the “Ypsomed Digital Learning” project were laid during the initialization phase. Thanks to the comprehensive advice provided by the tts transformation consultants, it was possible to bring all stakeholders on board and document the requirements in full. A key feature of the collaboration was regular and open communication at all levels. There was a joint decision to take a holistic approach to the two areas of training and learning – “Learning and Development LnD” and the training required under the relevant regulations – and to push these forward as one comprehensive project. A two-phase transformation pathway was developed for this purpose. Expansion phase 1 involved rolling out the learning management system (LMS) and establishing the learning and development environment. This is being followed by expansion phase 2, where the focus is on incorporating the regulatory training and validating the LMS.

Taking a holistic view of the learning areas

Open communication and close interaction

Involving stakeholders right from the outset

Equipped for the future with skilled employees

As a globally leading medical technology company specializing in injection and infusion systems for self-medication, Ypsomed is reliant on skilled employees. This means ongoing learning and personal development are vital. Cultivating a working environment that is geared toward learning calls for a suitable, comprehensive and reliable world of learning that enables just-in-time and on-demand learning. When it comes to a future-oriented learning ecosystem, user friendliness (the key phrase being “one-stop shop”) and global access are essential requirements.

Consultancy as the bedrock

In-depth consultancy that covers all topics relating to implementation is vital if you want to create a world of learning from scratch. During the initialization phase that was part of a preliminary project, the tts team introduced a whole host of important points, which they then refined during expansion phase 1 – the definition of personas in relation to stakeholder groups, a target operating model complete with a target image, and the future organizational structures with roles, responsibilities and processes. Thanks to this preliminary work, Ypsomed was able to plan in advance and proactively make important decisions about the implementation. This also gave rise to the idea of a two-phase implementation with a staggered approach.

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The comprehensive and forward-looking consultancy service provided by tts played a key part in our success. The tts consulting team combines all the knowledge and skills required – from expertise in learning, transformation and HR systems to experience in the validated environment and agile project management. They always thought about everything.
Logo Ypsomed
Marcel Wiesendanger
Head of HR Learning, Ypsomed AG

Broad-based skills and an agile mindset

The selected approach involving four streams (technology, learning organization, learning options, change and communication), in which all aspects of the implementation were processed with agile principles, ensured targeted realization. Thanks to regular cross-stream meetings and close interaction within the streams, everyone involved in the project shared the same level of knowledge at all times. The agile approach to the project, with its iterative process, paid off. The cycles of close coordination with Ypsomed gave the individual project teams the sense of certainty that they were always on the right track. The team of tts consultants had all the necessary know-how and competencies, combining high levels of expertise in learning, transformation and HR systems with in-depth knowledge of the validation environment and skills in agile project management.

Getting everybody on board

Regular communication with different stakeholder groups via various channels was both very important and highly valuable. One aim was to ensure acceptance of the new learning management system, and Ypsomed also needed the buy-in and commitment of the various stakeholders in the company. Last but not least, it was important to attract employees to fill new roles associated with the operation of the LMS. By creating personas and learner journeys, the perspective and needs of those using the new LMS were factored in from the very beginning. The rapid development of learning communities with the new role-bearers, such as the LMS administrators and trainers, was also very well received, because this provided an opportunity for communication and interaction.

Stage set for phase 2

Following the successful completion of expansion phase 1 – Ypsomed’s decision to opt for SAP’s SuccessFactors Learning solution and the successful implementation of this by tts in the Learning and Development area – those responsible for the project are now ready for the next step. This involves incorporating the training courses, which need to meet specific requirements due to regulatory provisions in the medical technology sector and make validation of the LMS essential. Here, too, the holistic support provided by the tts team will prove crucial.

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