Gamified learning solution from Bitburger and tts wins eLearning AWARD 2023

Gamifizierte Lernlösung von Bitburger und tts gewinnt eLearning AWARD 2023

Bitburg and Heidelberg, July 12, 2023 – With its “bartending technique” eLearning course, the Bitburger Brewery Group is helping businesses in the catering sector to onboard new service employees fast. The learning solution, which was implemented by tts, ensures high-quality bar service, even in cases of high staff turnover, and won the eLearning AWARD 2023. 

When it comes to the perfect beer, the ability to work the tap well is vital. To serve beer like a pro, there are many things a bartender needs to know. What is the correct way to store and chill barrels of beer? What do I do if the pressure in the tap system drops or if there’s a gas leak? When I’m changing a beer barrel, what order do I need to do things in? What’s the right way to clean glasses and the tap system?  

Answers to these questions and many more can be found in the Bitburger Brewery Group’s free “bartending technique” eLearning course – winner of the eLearning Journal’s eLearning AWARD 2023 in the media mix category. This learning solution, which was implemented by tts, contains five sections covering all the important aspects of bartending technique. It therefore provides straightforward bartending induction training that can be completed anywhere and at any time.  

To achieve sustainable learning outcomes as quickly as possible, the tts learning experts work with a mix of explanatory videos and interactive, gamified VR elements. The educational value of existing materials, such as graphics, explanatory videos and video tutorials, has been enhanced through the addition of new content ranging from a virtual tour of a cooling cellar to click-and-learn elements and a final quiz. Despite this mix, all the media work together seamlessly to provide a holistic, end-to-end learning experience that helps users acquire technical knowledge in a fun way and motivates them to carry on learning. Learners who answer at least 80 percent of the questions correctly in the final quiz receive a certificate. 

“Given the staff shortages and very high turnover of employees in the sector, this eLearning really helps maintain high bartending quality,” says Franz Rosky, Head of Corporate Learning Division and Senior Project Manager at tts. “It is also an important and very welcome problem-solving tool that really takes the pressure off businesses in the catering sector by helping them onboard new members of service staff quickly,“ adds Birgit Hisserich, Senior Quality Manager at the Bitburger Brewery Group. 

The “bartending technique“ eLearning course can be accessed free of charge on the Bitburger Brewery Group GastroPortal. No log-in is required, and any standard browser on a desktop PC or mobile device can be used.  

About the Bitburger Brewery Group:  

The origins of the Bitburger Brewery Group date back to the 16th century. The company, which has now been in business for seven generations, currently has a workforce of around 1,600 employees at five sites. With its famous brands, such as Bitburger, König Pilsener and Köstritzer, and sales of 696 million euros (2020), the Group is one of Germany’s top three breweries in terms of sales.  

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