Persona-basierte IT-Qualifizierung am Klinikum Braunschweig
Klinikum Braunschweig: Krankenhaus goes digital

Persona-based IT training at Braunschweig Municipal Hospital

Thanks to persona-based training formats and the tts performance suite digital adoption platform, the rollout of an HCM solution to digitalize the hospital’s administration is going without a hitch at Braunschweig Municipal Hospital (Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig).
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Customized IT training for doctors, nurses and administrative staff

To combine cutting-edge medicine with efficient administration, Braunschweig Municipal Hospital opted to digitalize its administration with the Workday cloud solution. The aim of this project – the hospital’s biggest digitalization project to date – was to relieve the HR department of time-consuming routine tasks by introducing self-services for all 4,500 employees. At the same time, managers, doctors and administrative staff were to be given access to all the data they would need for HR planning, personnel management and staff development. However, when it came to training, it quickly became clear there were challenges to overcome – doctors and nurses rarely have time for in-person training sessions, and often lack experience in working with IT.

Three hospital sites
in Braunschweig
400 million euros

Persona-based concept for customized learning

Taking up a recommendation from Workday, the hospital got in touch with the tts learning architects. “We were immediately really impressed by the educational concept and the holistic approach adopted by tts,” says Oliver Füllgraf, who is in charge of the hospital’s HR department. After analyzing the training needs, tts devised a learning concept with persona-based formats for managers, administrative staff, doctors and ward staff. The aim was to provide optimal support for different learning types in the hectic everyday setting. Working together, the hospital and tts put on welcome sessions to get staff on board with the change. At the same time, tts started producing the training content for webinars, eLearning, learning cafés and learning nuggets.

To embed the knowledge transfer in the hospital sustainably, the hospital also opted to use the tts performance suite digital adoption platform. “The tts performance suite complements the training perfectly. It supports continuous knowledge transfer and gives users confidence in going about their day-to-day work,” Füllgraf explains. What’s more, floorwalkers in the hospital, who have been trained by tts, are on hand to provide users with advice and support after the go-live.

Efficient transfer of knowledge thanks to persona-based learning formats

Broad acceptance of the new HCM system thanks to rapid learning progress

Training that is closely aligned with strategic project goals

Direct assistance for 4,500 employees

Know-how for the digital transformation

Thanks to the persona-based training concept from tts, Municipal Hospital Braunschweig was quickly able to build up understanding and acceptance of the switch to the new HCM system. In less than two months, the staff became very confident about using the software. As a result, it is possible to switch key HR management tasks to the cloud and – thanks to self-services – take a lot of pressure off the HR department. The learning formats, which have been geared precisely to the needs of the various professional groups, have helped boost staff motivation to learn, thus resulting in a rapid transfer of knowledge.

tts performance suite: Passgenaue Unterstützung der Mitarbeitenden an ihrem Arbeitsplatz – besonders in Kliniken.
If I measure the success of the project on the basis of feedback from the training provided, then all I can say is that it simply couldn’t be going any better. Ultimately, the investment we made by going with tts at the outset has more than paid off.
Oliver Füllgraf, Geschäftsbereichsleiter, Städtisches Klinikum Braunschweig gGmbH
Oliver Füllgraf
Head of HR, Municipal Hospital Braunschweig

What’s more, thanks to the tts performance suite digital adoption platform (DAP), the hospital also benefits from up-to-date, transparent HR data at all times. This is because the DAP from tts gives all employees exactly the application knowledge or process knowledge they require when using Workday – and in their precise moment of need. “Using a digital adoption platform is particularly advantageous for hospitals, because in-person training courses and lengthy learning sessions aren’t compatible with an employee’s typical working day,” Füllgraf explains. “Thanks to the tts performance suite, staff can access exactly the information they need, when they need it – and all at a single click of their mouse. It therefore really helps cut down on the amount of training we need to provide.”

Füllgraf concludes: “The digital transformation has worked well in our hospital, because our staff have built up the necessary understanding of the system and can themselves get actively involved. What we have achieved with tts has been a massive success.”

Persona-basierte IT-Qualifizierung am Klinikum Braunschweig

What Braunschweig Municipal Hospital has achieved with the help of tts

  • Broad acceptance (user adoption) of the new HCM tool
  • High levels of user confidence when working with self-services
  • High levels of user confidence when it comes to processes
  • Prospect of reduced training outlay
  • New HR processes sustainably embedded


Following the go-live of the core module, Municipal Hospital Braunschweig is planning on rolling out more Workday modules. In its capacity as learning partner, tts will also provide support for these digitalization projects. The assistance from tts also includes producing content for digital support in the workplace. “Knowledge transfer is an essential component of every successful rollout,” says Füllgraf. “And, in tts, we have found the ideal partner for this, which is why we are thinking about extending our use of the tts performance suite to other systems, too.”

About Braunschweig Municipal Hospital

Braunschweig Municipal Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Lower Saxony. With 21 clinics, ten stand-alone clinical departments and seven institutes, it covers practically the entire medical spectrum. With 1,475 beds for inpatients, 24 beds for day-cases and approximately 4,500 members of staff, the hospital is one of the biggest employers in the region. The hospital has an annual turnover of around 400 million euros.

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