tts User Adoption - Die User sind nie schuld!

Users are never to blame!

Only together with the users can you make your software implementation a success! With the tts user adoption approach, you ensure that new IT applications lead to sustainable, measurable and communicable changes in your company. Permanently and for all users!
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Benefits at a glance

Prozessunterstützung und Entscheidungshilfe
Geschäftsprozesse unterstützen
Support- und Maintenance-Aufwand reduzieren
User Adoption fördern
Improved user adoption
Passgenaue Unterstützung der Mitarbeitenden
Customized support for staff

Why do IT projects fail?

It is not the fault of incompetent users if software does not run smoothly in the company, is not accepted, support tickets pile up or - most fatally - the new software does not change anything for the better in the company! This is often because IT projects are started without the involvement of the people who will be using the software - and are completed before the positive effects of the new software can be experienced and utilized.

User adoption as a success factor

With the tts user adoption approach, we ensure that your IT application is accepted and motivated by users by addressing their needs.

tts User Adoption Toolbox

Laden Sie kostenlos unsere User Adoption Toolbox herunter.

We work with you to develop training that is useful to all users and provides the support they need in their daily work. We help you ensure that your employees use the new application as intended and that the desired support for business processes is achieved in the best possible way.  

The long-term establishment and use of the IT application is linked to success criteria that can be tested, documented and communicated. The user adoption team becomes a strategically relevant business partner! 

Your benefits at a glance

  • Best support for business processes
  • Reduce support and maintenance costs
  • Sustain user adoption throughout the application lifecycle
  • Needs-based support for users in the work process
  • Deployment and use of IT application linked to success criteria 
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In order to shorten the time until our meeting, we will send you our tts User Adoption Golden Circle, our tts User Adoption Persona Template, our tts User Adoption Canvas and the tts Learner Journey by e-mail in PDF format.

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