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Every Microsoft 365 migration is different - find your way with us.
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Microsoft 365 consulting for a successful rollout

Rolling out Microsoft 365 changes the daily working lives of your staff and the way they collaborate with each other. We help you successfully navigate this transformation. Our consultants work side by side with you to create a bespoke learning solution that factors in specific circumstances such as technology, languages and a migration schedule. We will also show you how collaboration and office communications can be optimized using the new Microsoft 365 applications. After all, it is only when these new techniques and technologies have become fully integrated that you will see a noticeable productivity boost in your day-to-day business.  

In a direct dialog, we will explain our three-stage support concept that covers the phases before migration, during the rollout and during day-to-day live operations. We’ll also hold a joint scoping workshop to clarify which of the mix-and-match training elements best fit your needs.  

The benefits for you

  • A bespoke training concept 
  • Factoring in your specific circumstances 
  • Best practice – 3-stage support for the phases before migration, during the rollout and for day-to-day working with the applications 
  • Scoping workshop for presenting the learning elements and target setting 
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How to successfully implement Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers all the necessary tools for modern teamwork in the Digital Workplace, but requires a fundamental change in collaboration. We support you in this mission-critical phase and beyond with an approach that empowers your employees to work out, individually or as a team, how they can best take advantage of the digital workplace.

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