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tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment - using Office 365 productively

We collaborate across various regions and time zones. We edit documents together in real time. We find relevant information and access it from anywhere. We find experts in the organization and network with them. In Office 365, Microsoft provides us with the tools to make this new style of working in the digital workplace possible. How do you encourage this change? How do you help staff recognize the benefits of the digital workplace and make the most of them for themselves?

tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment helps you and your employees all the way from introducing Office 365 and taking the initial steps through to working with it every day. It has a comprehensive portfolio combining both formal and informal courses with performance support that is customized in such a way that your employees receive precisely the courses they need for their work.

Reorganizing work

Take advantage of the potential Office 365 has to offer for reorganizing work in your organization. Develop a concept for how you intend to collaborate in the digital workplace of the future.

Encouraging acceptance

Offer everyone involved what they actually need. This will boost user adoption and promote the development of a new corporate culture of collaboration.

Using Office 365 productively

tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment provides support when it is needed through the perfectly tailored combination of preparatory and accompanying training courses and performance support.

Scoping workshop

How will we work together in the future? Which tools will we use? What changes are to be implemented? Based on the procedures recommended by Microsoft for optimum user adoption, we will put together a custom-made vision for your organization and the steps necessary for getting there.

Digitale Lernangebote

Digital learning opportunities

Animated explanatory videos summarize future ways of working together for all employees. Interactive scenarios make it possible to explore the new features in simulations.

Training – on site or online

In courses based in actual or virtual classrooms, we try out this new way of collaborating together. Disseminators support all staff members on site.

Training: Vor Ort oder virtuell
tt office guides

tt office guides

Have you reached a dead end in an Office application? With 1,200 guides, QuickAccess offers compact navigation aids – performance support in the “moment of need”!

Social learning

Collaboration and cooperation live from each other – at work and in learning. Communities of practice and other forms of social learning encourage the development of a cooperative learning culture.

Social Learning
Beratung, Prozessbegleitung, Evaluation

Consulting, process support, evaluation

Together, we regularly check whether the course is meeting your expectations and achieving your targets. We evaluate the learning success and monitor the implementation process, adapting as necessary.

Benefits at a glance
    • Comprehensive range of offers for preparation, supporting implementation and the time afterward
    • Customized to the needs and objectives of your organization and workforce
    • Promoting a new way of learning and collaborating within the organization
    • Combination of formal and informal courses with performance support if desired
    • Focus on sustainability and effectiveness by regularly evaluating the approach and taking account of all “moments of need”
    • Every offer also available separately

The offer in detail

Scoping workshop

We identify the relevant stakeholders and their influence on the success of introducing Office 365 and determine the challenges involved, the typical forms of collaboration in your organization, which direction the design should go and how improvements can be measured at an early stage.

We then work out which tools play a key role in the framework of these changes and which agreements need to be reached to ensure these tools are accepted and can be used effectively.

In the last step, we use what we have discovered to define the specific training and support needs and communication procedures, and draw up a strategy for regular checks and adaptations of the measures taken.

  • Clear picture of the needs and procedure
  • Agile course corrections possible at any time
  • Effective offerings to meet different needs
Digital learning opportunities

Animated explanatory videos give your staff an overview of how Microsoft Office 365 will change their everyday work. The various Office 365 tools are introduced using examples. Employees discover what they are for and how they complement each other.

Software simulations enable the smooth transition from previous Office versions to Office 365. A carefully thought-through mixture of web-based training courses for beginners and people moving from other versions cover all user levels.

With the web-based training courses from tts, users learn through realistic simulations of Office 365 applications and company-related use cases that include both the new features of the core Office applications such as Word and Excel and the collaboration tools such as Teams and OneNote.

  • Learning and inspiration from relevant use cases
  • Motivational appeal for different learning styles
  • Interactive simulation of new application steps
Training – on site or online

tts recommends a flipped classroom approach to help staff put the knowledge they build up in digital self-learning units into practice. With this approach, we record and discuss the application scenarios with the participants and develop tactics with them for how to complete the respective task using Office 365 tools.

These training courses can be held in actual or virtual classrooms.

Regular “Ask me anything” sessions are a way of establishing trust while also providing a forum for dealing with even complicated issues.

tts also conducts training courses for key users, disseminators and community managers to enable them to hold the appropriate training courses, consultations and coaching sessions themselves.

  • Training practical applications together
  • Developing an understanding for the expedient use of tools and for target-oriented forms of collaboration
  • Building up confidence and trust through regular consultations
  • Training on-site disseminators
Electronic performance support

If someone is only trying to set up a new signature, they don’t want to fight their way through endless lists of FAQs or YouTube videos. QuickAccess, the performance support system from tts, provides you with precisely the assistance you need at your workplace. With just two clicks, or in a maximum of 10 seconds, you will find the right answer from over 1,100 step-by-step guides – fast and direct in your “moment of need”!

  • Perfect help in your “moment of need”
  • Answers to over 1,100 questions relating to everyday work
Social learning

Using your own IT infrastructure, tts will support and advise you in establishing internal communities of practice, user forums and other forms of social learning for Office 365.

How would it be if questions, discussions and queries weren’t handled one-to-one through a helpdesk hotline or by email, but instead were accessible to all staff in the organization via a platform? This would create a library of knowledge and experience open to your whole organization that would become increasingly valuable almost by itself.

The tools are now available. Consider the introduction of Office 365 as the starting shot for establishing a working culture shaped by networking, transparency, help among colleagues, cooperation and a “sharing is caring” attitude. Encourage a culture in which the collaborative and cooperative potential of the Office 365 tools can unfold to the full. This will establish the digital workplace for the long term and help it run itself.

  • Encouraging an agile learning culture and friendly guidance
  • Increased value through the participation of all learners
  • Using the collective intelligence of all staff
Consulting, process support, evaluation

A learning and support offering can only be considered a good one when it sustainably achieves the desired strategic changes in behavior in the organization.

On request, tts advises and coaches you in the long-term design of digital workplace enablement, e.g. in the form of process support. In addition, tts supports you in evaluations and reviews and works with you to draw up the necessary adjustments or additions to the offering so as to achieve continuous improvement.

  • Continuous improvement of offerings
  • Ensuring effectiveness and sustainability
  • Agile adaptation


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