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    tts Digital HR Experts
Let us help you create the workplace of the future

HR teams are having to digitalize their own processes – while at the same time helping drive the transformation of their entire company. Are you also short on time and looking for a solution that is both sustainable and flexible? You can count on us.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with you as an independent supporter and implementer, we will achieve measurable added values for your HR department and your company. Whether you are looking for help with HR or HR-IT strategy development, implementation, operations or technological innovations, we will bring our skills, experience and passion to bear.

Our technical expertise focuses on the SAP HR product range, especially SAP SuccessFactors. Throughout the entire HR cycle, we optimize the employee experience and operational HR excellence. In this, we can fall back on a level of practical and project expertise that is unparalleled on the German-speaking market.

Let’s shape the digital HR age together.

Knowledgeable, human and hands-on

We are certain of the value of HR digitalization, are always up-to-date on the latest opportunities and thus can develop unimagined potential. We take the initiative for you, dig deeper, roll our sleeves up and get down to work. By systematically applying our experience from other projects, we can get you where you want to be fast. That’s not all, though – we’re always there when you need us. Ultimately, we are keen to deliver on what we promise.

You can count on our process know-how, project experience, technological development expertise and implementation skills – and we are a partner who understands the value of the human aspect, too.



Side by side with you –

  • We conceive and design HR and IT holistically so that you can leverage sustainable potential when it comes to performance, competitiveness and costs.
  • We tackle the challenges of digitalization and shape HR operations that are significantly more efficient and suit your company.
  • We will make HR fit for strategic tasks and help achieve a growing contribution to the whole company’s value creation.
  • We will set standards when it comes to digital HR, keeping pace with the times and with a trained eye for solutions that really make sense.

HR consulting from a single source

We understand technology and know how to use it systematically to benefit companies and people. We carefully weigh up which solution might be best for you.

We have more certified SAP SuccessFactors consultants than anyone else in the German-speaking world, and also have many experts for other SAP HR technologies and applications. They are constantly undergoing further training and combine theoretical and practical expertise – often in a single person. That means you can avoid any tension that can lead to shortcomings on a strategic, conceptual or technical level. The end result is tangible added value from the first moment of our collaboration and a significant boost in efficiency and quality.

Let's find out together how we can help your company.

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